1st DNF

hmmmm, 1st Run keeper didnt want to play,then mob went and died .omens?? haha Anyway off I went , thinking 5K at last , new route from where i live and into town and back , 1.6mi x 2

Going out very comfortable and feeling good ,then turned round and looked a head , incline gradual but all the way as far as i could see .

Eventually it flattens out but about 27 -28 mins legs go ,NAH not today and head went ok we'll walk it home from here . slight diss appointment but on a plus still 28 mins more than sitting on couch .lesson learned, need to build more stamina and endurance 1st and stick with route that has served so well for last 9 weeks :D

2 days rest now :) then back out and at it next week .

happy running weekend everyone :D


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  • Oh dear, this happens to us all sometimes. Perhaps today just wasn't the day to try something new.?

    But as you said, you were out running for 28 minutes - not too shabby I say! (Still in bed here, and not running today..)

    I think you've recently graduated, in which case perhaps just a few more of the same runs to consolidate your work so far, then you can crack on and try new things.

    So good luck with all that. Don't beat yourself up about today - with the vile weather fair play for going out in the first place!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend :-) x

  • Thanks pink angel :) you are right too soon to try , back to consolidating next week :) it wasnt to bad when i went aout about 8.30 :)

    Still loving my running no matter how long :D x

  • Sorry to hear that but I know that this wont defeat you!! It s really strange how you don't notice an incline on your local roads until you are running up them!!! You can definitely still pat yourself on the back for the exercise you did get this morning. :-)

    I went out first thing yesterday morning, but think I had too much to eat beforehand, but still 30mins ralking (run/walking) was OK.

  • Thanks Andy :) No it wont !! dont notice the incline in a car.. on a positive note I know i can run into town should I need to :)

    I will do it but next week back to my normal route and consolidation :D I think i can get 5K in i can re run a bit of it :)

    Just hope Runkeeper gps works next week :)

  • Try the I'll just get to the next lamp post, the next litterbin, next tree, etc. then walk for a minute or two and set off again. Hills are, as previously stated, the work of many spiteful demons working with a nasty hangover. 28 mins is still a great run though so feel good about that and sounds less like a DNF than just knocked off a bit early :)

  • Thanks Slookie, :D i like your thinking ,an eallry finish does sound much better :)

  • Good effort slow rob, so it didn't happen quite as planned but as you say you went out & ran for 28 mins so who cares, a run is a run. Take your time & just enjoy the running for a bit, one day soon it will just feel right & you'll push on to that 5k. For now I think it's important that you look back to Week 1 Run 1 & think how far you've come, bask in your accomplishments in your well-deserved rest days, & then start building stamina & speed next week. You will get there, don't be disappointed, your body was telling you to give yourself just a little more time x

  • Thank you Marly :D you are right I have come an awful long way since then :D I am very proud of that :D and yeah it is time just to enjoy my running which i do :D so thank you again :D x

  • Thank you ,i am Learning all the time Kitty :D This is by far the best thing I have done :) dont want to ruin it by geting injured , so next week back to slow_rob :D

  • No reason to abandon the new route. I think it's good to add a new challenging one in the rotation. That way you can run your old standby the you know and love, and once in awhile throw in the new one until you nail it. A hard route makes for s good goal and you're still building fitness. And the old route provides consistency and the mental reminder that you can do it. Happy running.

  • Thanks runwithdogs:) the new route is the goal to nail that incline and continue to 5K and a bit :D just need to put in some miles first :D build on what i have done so far :D

  • Many of us have been right there Rob. Running is every bit a mental challenge as a physical one. Sometimes something in your head just snaps and that's it. But don't let it get to you. Park that little set back out there as soon as you're ready. Change the route if you believe it will make a difference, run the same route at a different time or at a different pace if you believe that might work.

    Either way - believe - and you will get there.

  • Thanks Rob, that is the 1 thing i have found from stopping smoking and doing C25K I am stronger mentally than I believed :) and now physiclaly better :D

    I will do the new route on another day ,it is on my list of goals :D thank you for your wise words :D everyone here is so kind and supportive :D :D :D

  • Its an easy mistake to make (I've done Couch to 5K so I can run anything !) I did it. Slow and steady, small incremental improvements are the way forwards. Maybe try that run again in a week/ two weeks doing your normal runs in between and see if you can maybe get a bit further each time until you can do the whole lot. A 28 min run is not to be sniffed at in any case !!

  • thanks Henpen :) only sniffing was cos my nose was running :D I am determined hen, i will do it but when i have a few more runs in the tank :)

  • As you so rightly say, 28minutes is 28minutes. It's great that you can see the positives and that you know the answer is to build endurance. Good luck, although I don't think you're gonna need it. :)

  • Thanks ancientmum :) we all need a little luck :) just have to be patient and do the leg work before i try again :D oI know i have 5K in me it may even come on my old route :) If the Run Keeper satelittes can find and hold onto me :)

  • I had a run but like that today. Had to stop at 20. Then walked a minute and managed another 10 but was bloody knackered!!!! Strange how it happens. Next run you'll prob smash it!!!

  • Thanks Toon :) yup just one of those runs :)

  • well done for getting out...thats exactly it, you did more than if you were sat on the couch!!!

  • Thanks juicy :-) only midly kicking my self. I can feel i am running stronger and better just need more endurance .

  • you are doing fab....every run is a run, and everything we achieve or don't ( according to what we expect of ourselves) is all part of the journey and the learning :)

  • I have enjoyed the journey so far :-) and have lots to learn :-)

  • Hi Rob, can only echo what everyone else has said. Never forget how far you have come in 9 weeks, that is an achievement in itself . Like you say, you've just got to put it down to experience , done and dusted , that's it , move along .

    Onwards, always :-) xxx

  • Hi Poppy :D thanks always :) and moving along always :D xxx

  • Try it again after your rest you might be pleasantly surprised. After all, Laura set a new challenge each week and you did them. Each time you do it your stamina should improve a bit. (Voice of experience, it's all hills where I live unfortunately

  • Thanks Jo :D i will do it again and will complete it :D

  • That's not a DNF, that's a bloody good run!

  • Thanks Curly :-D

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