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W7R1 ... DNF :-(

Well, for only the second time in the program I went out this morning to start Week 7 and unfortunately had to stop at a about half way (12mins)... This is think is the first time that I have not finished a run.

As always, I try to have a think about my runs and look at the RunKeeper stats and think about what I can change next time out. This morning.. I went off a bit too fast, lost concentration sorting out a lost dog and perhaps i'm not a morning runner.

Anyhow.. I did run continuously for 12 mins, and then ran some more on the way home and in my book that was better than being in bed or on the couch.

Will take the weekend off and try again on monday evening.

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Chalk that one up to experience and carry on regardless. S*** happens!


You will be ok next time. I try really hard now to make sure my first K is my slowest, then gradually build up. Enjoy your weekend :0)


That's the right attitude, Andy. You've studied the stats and you can see where to change things. Well done on keeping going. Like you say - better than being on the couch!


great positivity...we all have bad runs.....hang in there, the next one will be better.


bummer or what Andy, next one will be just fine :) enjoy the rest Andy and think positive :) you can do it !!


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