week 3 repeat finished

I went to the gym today for my third "run" on the bike. I took my oximeter swith me because the bike's HR doesn't show. Mine indicated 117 HR. I was a bit distracted by my friend a district nurse, as we were chatting. Still I did the time of 15 min 32 and the distance was 1.80 miles (2.89 km)

My level on the bike is from 2 - 4, probably not very intense, but I'm thinking about my O2 level which goes down to 87 during the exercise! That's because of my COPD.

I shall attempt week 4 next week! On the whole, I feel good about it.


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10 Replies

  • well done you!

  • Well, any exercise is better than no exercise. Well done and keep up the good work.

  • Excellent work on completing week 3. Are you finding it translates well to the bike? It's tempting me to give it a go at the gym.

  • I certainly find it good because: you can check your speed, your heart rate, the run distance, and the level you go at. I got used to check this. I first wrote everything down! Now I just see that I have made progress in the distance and time. This is exciting, because, in my mind, I was scared to go voer my limits. But my body tells me I don't need to be scared. At the end of the session I know I've done well because I feel good! It entices me to return and do likewise or even better.

    The body is a great teller of the truth! If you feel tired or you start having pain, you can slow down. I foyour body wants to go faster of more energtically, it will spur you on too.Great indeed!

  • Well done! Like runswithdogs I'm interested in how well it translates to the bike? Just thinking I might have a go until I can get back to running

  • I think it makes sense when the season turns cold, windy and wet! The gym is covered! (And the toilets are just round the corner!!)

  • Excellent work, you should be pleased with that :)

  • Thank you. I am pleased and feel confident to do teh five minutes sessions next week.

  • Great news, so glad to hear you progressing. I dosent matter what the bike intensity is. That can all come later. If your oxygen is down a bit best to take it slow and steady.

  • I have full confidence, because my body "talks to me" and asks me to set the balance right! The body is a good promoter of health, better than the mind that can try to scare you out of it.

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