Parkrun, thinking of doing one

Hello everyone. I finish C25K tommorow morning with week9 run3. By happy coincidence, I will be in UK during week 46. So... I was thinking of doing my first parkrun. I will be in Rugby, and I used to work in Leamington, so I thought I'd do the Leamington parkrun.

Anyway, I've registered for the parkrun barcode thingy on the website. I was wondering what I need to do next, do I have to register for Leamington. Do I need to register somehow for 15th Nov? Or do I just need to turn up before 9h00 on staturday morning?

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  • Hi Zev1963 you just turn up, run & get the barcode scanned at the end - it's really that simple! Have a great run!

  • Thanks SumoSue. Strangely the email reply is empty. There is a title "parkrun links reminder for Zev1963" but nothing inside apart from a google advert. Maybe they have a bug.

  • Try again ........

    Hi Zev1963 you just turn up, run & get the barcode scanned at the end - it's really that simple! Have a great run!

  • They are still just sending me empty emails, but never mind, maybe if I try in a few days it might work.

  • Just turn up WITH YOUR BARCODE at any park run in the UK and you will be welcome and get a timed run. You can also turn up at any park run without a barcode but you won't get a timed run.

  • Ah OK thanks. That's good, if I dont need a barcode, as I've requested the barcode several times and I just recieve empty emails.

  • AHA, in fact I just got home and opened the message in WindowsLive instead of the email provider's site and now I see the links :)

    That is wierd, in the free webmail site, I see nothing in the email.

    OK so now I have barcode :)

  • Hey Zev1963 I might see you there, will be my first Parkrun too:) If you see a tiny Scottish woman with long dark hair looking cold and afraid that's me be, pink running jacket on no doubt to match my pink running face:) x

  • Ooooh I should join you both! Leamington my local one too!

  • Yay, come if you can, that'd be fab!!!

  • Good luck for your first parkrun Zev!

  • Thanks IrishPrincess :)

  • Sounds like you've got a group run there !

  • We have!!! You better not all be super fast!!!!

  • Ha ha, no danger from me toonlou!:)

  • I can walk faster than I run!!! Hee hee!!!!

  • You just turn up with your barcode Zev :D you have to get a time :D good luck with your graduation run tomorrow :D we will be waiting with the podium and champers :D

  • Thanks Rob :)

  • just turn up with your barcode...parkrun is fab, really friendly and no pressure as its not a race..enjoy it :)

  • I'll try to put a photo of me on here before 15th so you recognise me if you see me :)

  • Good idea! Shall I wear my pink specs and bring my wine glass?!

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