Couch to 5K

Week 9 run 1 tickety tick :D

Mild damp morning this morning at 5h45am for run 1 week 9. The man flu has completely gone thank goodness. As I always run the sam section of riverside path, I knew that I'd run signifcantly further than last week. Wednesday I should know hao far I've run, as I pick up Garmin Forerunner 15 this evening, I would have had it saturday but the supermarket pick up point was unusually closed.

Really looking forward to running the last 2 C25Ks and then consolidating :)

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It's getting ever closer now Zev, the tension is mounting. Slookie is buffing up the podium and trophy. The cheerleaders are shaking the fluff off the pom poms, the fizz is a chillin. We'll leave the rest to you mate!

Disappointing about the Garmin! I bet you could have kicked their door! LOL I hope you can collect it today. If you can then you will have a Garmin record of your final run for posterity. You could post it up on Garmin Connect and then we can all have a look, cos we're ever so nosey

Consolidating sounds interesting. You have a plan? Normal route post C25k is to do Laura's C25k plus podcasts, which you can download for free from here. Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed. Then you could go for Bridge to 10 k with Sami Murphy -podcasts also free from here

Parkruns!!!! Get signed up for those. There's bound to be several places near you that you can run


Hi Misswobble. Fizz sounds nice :)

I do have a sort of plan. I've already downloaded the 3 C25K+ podcasts, and was planning to repeat the W9 once or twice and then have a go at those.

Thanks for the info on Bridge to 10k, as that was going to be the next thing I would be looking for :)

Parkruns, I certainly fancy doing one the next time I visit UK. I live and work in France (Blois, it's in the Loire valley between Orléans and Tours). I tend to visit UK 5 or 6 times a year, so I'll see if I can join one next time I'm over :)

Happy running :D


Oh tick tock the countdown has started! It sounds a beautiful part of the world where you live and work. You should show us a few photos. I look forward to reading your graduation post.


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