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Week 8 run 3 tickety tick :D


Did run 3 weed 8 this morning (6am as usual). It was nice and clear this morning, so moonlight to help light my way (helping out the head torch) :)

That went very well, I got significantly further than during the first too runs, and the man flu has almost gone I think.

A nice weekend rest then start week 9 on monday morning :)

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Good work Zev1963, those early runs are nice, I will have to try a moonlit one! :)

Well done although I'll have to take you word about it being nice and clear....... I don't mind evening runs not sure id survive a. Very very early one, I'd probably be found on the local slide catching up on the sleep. Good luck for week 9


Well done Zev. It sounds like everything is going well for you. Go steady now and the programme is in the bag.


well done Zev, almost there now :) enjoy your rest :D


Well done... I really don't know how anyone can do a 6:00 am run... think I would be sleep running!!

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