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Running shoes

As Autumn gets into swing (and Winter approaches) I am wondering whether I should be looking at different running shoes. My current ones are amazing but have the usual bit at the front which, although great for letting in air, also let in rain! I'm also a bit worried about slipping when the frosr arrives (I run early in the morning). Do I need something different now?

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Hi. No advice to offer you, as I'm a newbie myself, on week 7, but I'll be interested in replies you get. I just bought myself a pair of light running shoes, and they let the air but also the rain in, and as I live in a rural area, the local foliage hanging over my running routes also make my feet wet even if it's not actually right then. No blisters yet but I imagine it's a matter of time


I'm sure we'll get some help. I'm not a fan of wet feet! :)


If wet feet are a big problem for you, you can buy waterproof socks - Sealskinz. I use these on my bike, but I wouldn't run in them. These are not as padded as running socks, they are slightly stiff and they cost a lot. Yes, they could be useful if running for 2-3 hours on a freezing cold day, but I wouldn't use them routinely.


Road running shoes, with their support, padding, and mesh uppers are designed for year round use. Yes, the mesh uppers will let in water when you run through puddles, but they will also let out sweat and heat. The pounding of your feet on the road will keep your feet warm and after a minute or two after running through water, I don't notice wet feet. What is important is you have running socks. No cotton socks that hold on to moisture, but technical fabric, or merino wool mix, that keep you warm even when wet.

You can buy waterproof-lined running trail shoes, but having used them for hiking, I'd not recommend them. The problem is when running off road, at some point you are going to cross streams or run through puddles deep enough that the water comes in over the top. The waterproof lining then does not let this water escape (even Goretex) so you feet stay wet.

Icy roads can be a problem and you can buy 'snow chains' for shoes - YakTrax or other brands. For icy conditions off-road, micro-spikes are available. Like the chains, the spikes are attached to a rubber upper part that you stretch over the sole of your shoes. Any of the high Street outdoors shops have these in stock at this time of year.


What amazing advice! Thank you so much. :)


Sorry your feet are just gonna get wet, road shoes are designed for all year use. I recommend getting some proper running socks that wick moisture away these will help keep your feet feeling comfortable, damp but comfortable.

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Thank you for your replies :) It seems good quality socks are they way forward. I'm glad that the shoes don't need to change as the ones I have now are just perfect (so much so that I'll probably buy the same pair again when the current ones need to be replaced). I'm sure that I'll get used to damp feet (a better alternative than the treadmill I reckon). I'll get myself ton the shop over the weekend and take a look at what they have to offer. Thanks again :)


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