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Very proud of this one

Very proud of this one

My first time posting a picture of a run, because I'm really pretty chuffed with it. My hubby and I work in the same place and I work mornings only. My usual pattern for my weekday runs is to drive home, change and run, but on Saturday I managed an 8k run and a look at the map showed that there is about 8k between our office and my house...

So this morning I cadged a lift off hubby and took my running kit. I was totally nervous about it - getting changed my hands were shaking so badly I had trouble with my bra clips (sorry tmi) but the weather was fantastic for a run - its sunny but cool and crisp.

Set off walking through our industrial area, across main road at the lights then got onto a long diagonal road thats really well set up. 2 lanes in the middle for cars, then a 2 way cycle track and then on the outside a nice flat pedestrian path. Jogged along here very happily for a long time enjoying the opportunity to have a good nosy at at part of town I rarely go to. Next landmark was our local theatre - across another main road then onto another diagonal angling out toward where I live. This involved running passed a school class that was out for a walk - their teacher herded them to one side and I got loads of smiles and "bonjours". Now into a rather rundown semi-industrial area - quite a lot of folk just hanging about as well - but all quite smiley - got a couple of friendly comments from municipal employees as well. Just as I was starting to wonder if I'd miscalculated my route, I recognised some landmarks and was soon on the bridge over our ringroad. From there it was just a quick right turn, and I was soon home.

Real glow of achievement. Am going away this weekend so probably won't have time for a long run - this was a great substitute. Don't know if I'll do it every week, but may well do it again next week if the weather holds.

This time last year I was in Rome, doing week 3. Am utterly amazed at the progress I have made.

Logistics depend on hubby bringing my stuff home - minor downside is that that includes my glasses and the shoes I would normally wear this afternoon. I ran with just my phone and a bus ticket "just in case" (we have a pretty good bus network so I figured that if I ran out of steam I could get a bus home).

happy running all !

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Covering two jobs in one sounds like a great idea: journey home and fitting in your run. Genius :)


Wow - what a great idea!! Sounds like a really enjoyable run and its great to mix it up. 8.22km is a great distance, it is incredible to think how far c25k can take you!! I hope your husband had a nice refreshing glass of water followed by a glass of wine waiting for you ;) Have a fab weekend!!


Fantastic run sounds like you had a mini adventure.


Oh very well done. That looks like a fab run and a bloomin' long one too!


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