Making some progress

It makes me happy to see what progress I am still making - slowly but surely...Today I completed the "Stamina" podcast, actually found it easy -ish. I tried it once before about a month ago, couldn't even manage the first 10 minutes at 158 BPM, today I managed all of it! I'm still slow,and Runkeeper didn't find a satellite until I was about half way into it, but I think I did a bit over 4KM in the 35 minutes..

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  • Well done on completing the stamina podcast. I listened to it last weekend and quite frankly it terrified me as it seemed so fast and I am very much a plodder. Something to aim for.

  • Has to be a stamina day... did it this morning, and did about 4.2 km in that time - progress too as I usually plod along and do 2 miles (3.2 km) in 30 minutes !

  • Oh brilliant! Well done Curly. I've yet to tackle that particular beastie x

  • well done curly :D good to know that the C25K+ podcasts work :D