Budge up Poppy and AM, make some room on that couch for Curly

Well, I went in to Up and Running this morning where I was served by a young lady who seemed very proficient. Apparently I don't over pronate as the other shop said I do. She brought out some shoes for me to try, the first pair was very painful so she gave me the widest shoes in the shop and got me to run around a bit...by this time the manager had finished serving his customer, and came over to help me. The first thing he said was the shoes she had recommended were unsuitable - just goes to show it's not an exact science this shoe business is it? Then he spotted the lump on my foot and the long and the short of it was that he refused to sell me any shoes at all until I have had the all clear from my doctor. He's not sure what it is, possibly arthritis exacerbated by the Brooks shoes from the other shop, but he feels any shoes will now make it worse and I tend to agree with him. He was very encouraging and said it doesn't mean the end of my running career, if push comes to shove we will cut a hole in my shoes where they press! I might need a visit to a podiatrist (sounds expensive) Or an operation to scrape the bone off... um probably not thanks. Or maybe a break from running to let the inflammation go down.

Sad face Curly :-(


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  • Nooooooooo Curly, this is terrible terrible news! Get off to the doc PDQ and get it checked out ASAP. You've been doing fantastically well: your progress has been a real inspiration, so this is a very cruel twist of fate. :( Really hope it's something incredibly trivial and easily deal with. In the meantime that's you, me, Pops, Folliegirl, Heggers, GF and Tanyag to name but a few of us jostling for space on the old IC. Good thing it's big and comfy. Luckily KittyKat bought us a big bucket of pick and mix to nibble, so grab a seat and let's party. Whoops! Careful! Mind my footstool and crutches ;)

  • Yup, I knew there were a few more squeezed on there, just couldn't remember everyone...Thanks AM xx

  • Oh dear :( Not good news at all and incredibly frustrating. But it sounds like you got much better advice from this shop and sounds like a good idea to get your feet checked out. Here's hoping you and everyone else on that injury couch gets better soon xx

  • I know, but I just wanted him to say here's some shoes, go for a run!

  • :'(

  • Curly... Step away from those shoes .... we are watching you :-D xxx

  • I don't have any shoes now, I returned them all... just washing my running kit and folding it up in the cupboard...boo hoo sniff

  • Oh I know, Im the same.

    I keep tripping over my running shoes and gazing wistfully at my hi vis top whilst biting my lip and fighting back tears !

    Pah ! :-) xxx

  • Just popping upstairs to look for my goggles and charging up my SwimSense...

  • Blimey, Curly, you've had a right old saga!! Hopefully some good will come of this as and when you get it seen to.

    Does anyone know if DFS have a sale on at the moment as I think we might need to order in a few extra couches to fit you all in :)

  • Good one!

  • There are few things you can guarantee in life. Death is one of them. Another is that DFS will always have a sale on...

  • Oh I am sorry to hear this!But I am sure there will be a solution.It must be so frustrating having got to where you are in your running.But it is best to have it checked and what a great shop,could have easily sold you some shoes!!!Keep us updated👣

  • Thanks Pot. That's true, they could have, .. this shop doesn't have a return policy either, so it would have been expensive

  • I've been to a podiatrist in the past - they're just a less qualified orthopaedic surgeon I think but that specialise in feet. Mine came via the NHS - and not so long a wait as a ortho surgeon. As you say, this couch really does need to be large at the moment. Hopefully no more members or you'll be setting up your own forum.

  • I'll see if my doc can refer me..

  • Oh Curly !! What a blow this is for you . I am so sorry to hear this .....

    Where on your foot is this lump ?

    Blimey , its getting like Holby City on this forum , lately. There will be ambulances queuing up outside at this rate .

    Oh I do hope you get sorted Curly , make that appointment asap wont you ?

    In the meantime ,we should declare this " The Official Injury Couch Thread " where we can all post and say " Pah " and have a right good old whinge !

    Right , Hop on here Curly , plenty of room, lets hope its a very short stay for us all ! :-D xxx

  • The lump is on the top of my foot, at the bottom of the big toe joint, it bloomin' hurts now!

  • It will be interesting to know what it is . Sorry youre in pain, I think we have a bucketful of Ibuprofen round here somewhere .......

  • And - PAH! Pah pah pah!

  • Pah ! Bah ! Gah and Meh ! :-) xxx

  • sorry to hear that Curly , not what you expected or wanted to hear but maybe explained about the Brooks ... i think you can get referred by your doc to see a podiatrist or you could find a chiropodist/podiatrist ?

    Good that the manager was more positive and encouraging for when you are sorted and back, hope it isnt a long break before you are able to carry on

  • Hahaha! Do DFS have a sale on at the moment? Do fish swim, and bears xxxx in the woods?

    Sorry to hear about your problems, Curly, but just think, if you were still a couch potato you wouldn't have any of this excitement, and would probably pop your clogs ten years earlier!

    Hope your lump takes the hint and disappears in the direction of the horizon quickly!

  • Ha ha very true JB . I like your thinking !

    If someone had said to me 2 years ago that I was going to see a physio for a sports injury , I would've said " Y'what , are you mad ?!!! "

    Ha ha , Aint life funny sometimes ? :-D xxx

  • Curly's swim, AND they **** in the woods - at least at the moment I am so Pi**ed off I could!

    I've never been a couch potato, already thinking what my next sport might be...back to the pool for me tomorrow, at least now I have custom ear plugs from the hospital, they should stop my ear problems (the reason I gave up distance swimming) I love swimming, running was just less boring than looking at the bottom of a tiled pool...

  • Curly - I'm sorry, but the signs are all there. Have you considered barefoot running ;)

    You can put holes in quite a few pairs of socks before they cost as much as a pair of running shoes. Just be careful where you tread though...

    Seriously, take care - go and see your doctor, listen to the advice (and then ignore it as we all do...). Don't mess up the long term for the sake of getting back out running again a couple of weeks sooner.

  • The guy in the shop suggested that but what about glass, dog Sh*t and syringes? Not for me I don't think...

  • Sorry to hear about your lay off Curly. At least you have dome idea now what the problem is. Your GP might just say it's nothing that a bit of rest won't sort out or he might refer you for a podiatry session

    Meanwhile thst couch looks mighty inviting. You can still swim, walk etc so can keep up with your fitness while you wait for an appointment

    Keep smiling!

  • That's true MissW. I seem to remember Curly is a swimmer, so we'll be expecting lots of swimming posts ;)

  • Yup, I think Moger uses my local pool, while he's training for his HM... I'll challenge him to some lengths....he might run fast but I bet he can't beat me in the pool.... famous last words!

  • Let the battle commence ;) !!

  • Thanks MW I'll have a good wallow today then back to the pool tomorrow...

  • That is sad :-( , hope it gets better soon.

  • Just.........Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Get seen and get seen quick! Xxxx

  • Oh NO Curly! Shove up a bit. I have a swollen knee. Maybe we can coach from the sidelines?

  • That's really pants Curly! What a bummer. Hope your doc can sort something out for you. The view from the injury couch isn't anywhere near as good as the one at the end end of 10k! You must be so disappointed (I know I would be) Hope it's something easily and quickly sorted out.

    As someone said above, keep your fitness up.

  • Sorry to hear that Curly :( Hope the doc has some ideas for you, in the meantime the swimming sounds a good plan(I'd love to be a good swimmer but am very ploddy with a not very good breaststroke!) sounds like the shop assistant was helpful at least and didn't rip you off. But i can imagine it wasn't the best day for you... PAH x 100! :( keep your spirits up, you have some great pals on the IC and on the forum in general wishing you well........... :)

  • oh no.... Hope the doctor is helpful. I'm a fan of podiatry, so I would push for a referral if I were you.

  • Oh dear that's sad news for you. I hope you recover soon.

  • That's rotten for you but he probably did you a favour rather than just selling you that would give you even more angst. Good luck with the GP.

  • What's happening out there! I think the man in the shop sounds a lot better, fix the foot then get the shoes. I know it's frustrating but better than upsetting the lump any more. You will up and running soon.

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