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W8 R2 - MUCH better :-)

After last weekend's debacle it's taken all week to pluck up the motivation and child free time (school holidays!) to get back out again. I wavered a wee bit looking at the weather this morning - blustery and showery, and too reminiscent of last weekend - but once dressed and with 2 ankle biters asking "mummy are you going for a run" I could hardly say no, so off I went. To be honest I was unsure if I was going out for my usual route, or heading for the gym to investigate a treadmill. I'm not a fan of gyms though - I get bored far too easily, so with the rain easing a bit I headed for my usual route and thought I'd be brave.

I took Laura with me for the first time. Up until now I've been using the ZenLabs app and my own playlists which has worked fine. I didn't realise until the other day that a "pod cast" doesn't have to be played on an iphone or an ipod. A bit of blonde moment perhaps, but also a breakthrough realising that it would work on Android. So with Week 8 downloaded off I went, correcting some of last weeks mistakes.

So, I ran my normal route in a bit of wind and a little bit of rain, I ran for the full 28 minutes( :-) :-) ), I ran further than I've run before and covered the full 5k during the duration of the podcast, and despite deliberately trying to slow down to make it achievable my average split was 12.23 min/mile. Not too shabby I feel. Just need to be able to run the warm up and cool down sections and I may actually achieve the 5k!

Laura really helped. Telling me I only had 5 minutes to go, and then at a minute to go made a real difference, as the app only tells you when to start, when you're half way and when to cool down. I'm not sure I think much of the music, but I might try taking her with me again. Graduation in sight - not quite sure I thought that was possible until now.

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Way to go :D well done you are almost there :D i completed Week8 this morning graduation is close now for you and me :D cant wait :D hope your remaining runs go well :D :D

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Big well done to you, I'm a fan of the pod cast - especially need the coaching from the lovely Laura ; in fact I'm not so keen on going with out her! Can't understand it that you don't like the music!? I miss Juuuuulieeee ha ha ;-) happy running

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You're doing so well, keep it up. It's a great programme - I used Laura all the way through. I didn't dare not, I just stuck with her and did whatever she told me to do! And now I just listen to my own music.

I've used the speed podcast a couple if times (haven't actually managed to complete it mind you!) and it must help cos I'm running a bit quicker nowadays without even realising it.

Good kuck with your remaining few runs to graduation :-) xx

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