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Parkrun in 22:14 - 2nd fastest 5km!

Hi all!

I am finally getting back into PB territory after today's 22:14 Parkrun. I managed an interval session and a 10km run during the week and it helped me both run a little faster but more importantly keep it up for the whole 5km. I hope to keep up the training during the week so I can have a stab at the PB (21:45) in the next month or so. I spent most of the 5km behind a blind runner and his guide, they were running slightly faster than i was comfortable with but that is what you need when trying for a fast 5km. Each time I closed in a little on them the guide runner shouted at the other guy to pick up the pace and I think the combination of me trying to catch them and both of them picking up the pace meant we all got a decent time. I had a chat with them afterwards and thanked them for giving me a target to chase!

Keep up the running all and here is a link to today's run:

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Well done Aftab, sounds like a great run. I sometimes think that 5ks are the hardest of all (perhaps not the best thing to say on a forum called Couch to 5k, I realise!) - but running a really fast 5k at the threshold of your comfort zone really HURTS! We love it though and it's so worth it when the PBs tumble. Good luck for smashing yours soon.

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Well done Aftab, the faster the time the harder it is to shave those seconds off. I'm sure you'll soon conquer yours though.


You are getting back there Aftab. Well done.


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