Excited and worried at the same time

Plan to do my first run next week!

I would have started a month ago, but a spot of energetic DIY and subsequent back injury put me back on the couch. In anticipation of starting to run I gave up smoking (hoping the calories burned would compensate for the additional eating). One month on, I am now even more overweight but ready to roll - sorry, ready to run.

Listening to the outline of the week one run, I fear I won't be able to run all the time I'm supposed to. Does it matter? Did any / many of you have to repeat week one?

I'll post next Tuesday, assuming I have the energy :-)


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17 Replies

  • Trust the programme... It's tough it doable for anyone... I know lots of people who did each week twice... Good luck and remember we are all rooting for you here :)

  • Big thanks to juicyju for your words of encouragement.

  • Hi there, I am on week 2 this week and I think you will surprise yourself of what you are capable off. The good thing about this programme is that you take it at your pace and if you need to repeat anything then you can. Good luck when you start and looking forward to hearing about your journey :-)

  • Big thank you to Cara2007 for your words of encouragement.

  • Good Luck John , you have made probably one of the best decisions you will ever make.

    This programme really works, its life changing.

    Take it slow and steady, we all started feeling the same, so you are in very good company :-)

    Oh and keep posting of your progress , this site is full of advice, support and encouragement and will be a great help to you.

    Let us know how you get on xxx

  • Many thanks Poppypug for the advice and encouragement.

  • Agree with the slow and steady approach. I know I took off too quickly in the beginning which made it harder to complete the run. Your running for a period of time, not distance...so keep it slow.

    Also, trust the program, most people (me included) found the first weeks tough, but believe me, it does get easier, your body adapts and the runs will feel easier.

    All the best :-)

  • Many thanks AndyD for your words of advice.

  • Hi John

    Excited and worried seems like a good summary of how I feel too!

    Ive done my first 2 runs guided by the NHS podcast, and found it brilliant, encouraging and with such upbeat music I had to smile. Great work!

    I get the feeling a lot of us are channeling bad experiences from PE in the past - afraid of getting left behind, being singled out by the teacher or the last one to be picked to be on a team. And really, you can't get left behind with this - as everyone says, if the pace is too much for you, slow it down to something you can manage and build it up slowly.

    There's no shouty people with tracksuits here :-)

  • Thanks OhDark30. "There's no shouty people with tracksuits here" made me smile. In fact, I enjoyed all kinds of sport at school, but not running - never had the stamina. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  • Thanks for the advice KittyKat007 - I'll post next Tuesday and tell everyone how it went.

  • Hi John! Just like you, i started running after i quit smoking and started getting heavier. Everything seems to taste a lot better, doesn't it?

    I didn't manage to the first runs without stopping to catch my breath, but that doesn't really matter. There's no need to make it hard on yourself, just find your own pace and you'll be surprised how quick you're improving.

    Keep us posted, I'm sure you'll do great

  • Thanks for the words of encouragement Adimsk.

  • Good luck John. Stick with the program and it'll change your life :-)

  • Thanks for the words of encouragement tal31.

  • Slow and steady....if you do your best....you will then make the steps towards achieving your goal...set small targets even if it takes several repeat weeks, you are still making forward progress, which is fantastic...Good Luck x

  • Many thanks for your words of encouragement Seaside Girl :-)

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