Week 4 to tackle next! 9 to 16 minutes seems a leap

I managed week three even though I worried about it, but feel really tired the following day. It would not occur to me to think about running on the rest day, but I have bounced back the next day ready to run. I don't feel badly out of breath at the time but my legs feel really tired.

I think I could manage one lot of 5 minutes but two lots and only a 90 second recovery after the 3 minutes seems a lot. This seems such a jump from week three. Ahhh


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  • I did w3r2 ronight and feel exactly the same - my breathing is ok and I recover in pleny of time between the bursts of running, however my legs feel like lead and I really have to push to get to the end of the three minutes......the final minute in the second 3min run is a killer. My legs don't actually hurt - they are just really heavy and tired feeling when I'm running. I too feel dubious about next week, I don't think I can manage five minutes. Hopefully someone with a bit more experience of the plan will be along in a bit to reassure and convince us other wise!! :D We've got his far!! :D

  • i'm at excactly the same point - did w3r2 yesterday. as others have said, a lot of it is mind over matter. Keep telling yourself you can do it and you will. Just think how good you'll feel knowing you've achieved it.

  • Don't be afraid. Week 4 *seems* like it would be much harder than week 3, but for me it really wasn't. I am almost done with week 4 now, and the only part that feels harder is staying focused on running for 5 minutes - my mind tends to wander a little. I have a theory that if you are running for 3 minutes, you have found a pace that is aerobic, not anaerobic. This means that you are getting enough oxygen to sustain it (anaerobic bursts tend to peter out by 90 seconds or sooner). Given that you have this aerobic running pace, continuing for a couple of minutes more is actually not that much harder - you will have the wind for it, although you legs may tire a little. But even the legs may surprise you, since you will have a good solid rest day or two first.

    You have nothing to lose. Be bold. You can do it. :)

  • thanks for the information and encouragement...it's great to know what I'm in for..

  • You can do it! We've all been there and doubted ourselves but it is possible just keep believing in the programme. 10 weeks ago I couldn't run 60 seconds without being out of breath, now I can run 6k and finish without being starved of oxygen. Mind over matter folks! :)

  • Great to read, thank you!

  • Lovely photo

  • thanks... it has been a little tough to get out running with such a small one, but my husband has been very good :-)

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