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How to create my own running workout 'podcast'?

I love the the C25K podcasts, but more recently I have been thinking about creating a workout for my own use to listen to on my ipod shuffle (old).

I would like to have music with me speaking to tell me what to do next after a certain interval of time.

Does anyone know what equipment/software I would need to do this?

And the steps required to enable me to use my own music and audio and then listen to it on the ipod shuffle.

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I think I may have discovered. I need to use audacity software to create an audio file, not a podcast...I then need to figure out how to add it to my itunes library.


I have just started tonight.

I have downloaded Audacity and am using a selection of music off the computer. I have done the intro and the warm up narrations.

I have the 1st 3mins sorted....this may take sometime! (but hopefully I will get quicker as I learn how to use it).

I just hope I don't get too fed up with the sound of my own voice.

Let me know how you get on KittyKat007


I have done it kittykat007! It's on my iPod and I will be running out with it today. I will let you know how I get on. I even managed to get an image on the icon to help me find it easily.

Good luck with yours.

All I needed was some music on the computer and a microphone (and audacity software of course). It was slow to start with while I learnt how to do it, but once I got the hang of it much faster.


Another way to do it would be to create 2 separate MP3 files... one with the music and one with the prompts and then use any of the tools available on the tinternet to merge them together.

Have thought about doing this myself, but don't know if I want to hear myself!!


That is another plan. I ended up with multiple music tracks and multiple narration tracks. The advantage of this is I can edit any single bit out or in. So it makes the 'project' more flexible.

I wasn't sure about listening to myself either. Apart from sounding suicidal its not too bad, much better are the 2 narrations done by my kids :-)

Remember to smile when you record your voice! ;-)

I was quite please how it turned out for a 1st attempt.


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