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Agonising about whether to ditch the podcast at this stage

I'm approaching W8/R3 and would prefer to listen to music I actually like. However I tried this at the beginning of W7 and didn't manage the pace very well and almost didn't finish. I am getting bored with the podcast music and as Laura doesn't say much now was thinking that using run keeper with my own stuff may give me a boost but I'm feeling really apprehensive about leaving Laura behind. Your advice/comments would be greatly appreciated

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I can understand this. I hated the music (though did get some odd pleasure from thinking about who the music was supposed to sound like!) but I kept with it till graduation as it did help pace and her occasional time reminders helped too.


I can totally relate to that. After week 8, I ditched the podcasts and started using RunKeeper and have done so ever since.

The only thing I will say is, occasionally I do like to switch back and listen to the C25K+ podcasts. The music isn't what I would normally listen to but it's not for that, it's hand picked to help with your pace and my PB for 5k was ran whilst listen to one of them and I really think it helped.

It's a personal choice, but for me, I don't feel like I missed out on anything for not running to week 9.

Best of luck!


I hear ya ! I did Week 5 run 2 this morning and on the second 8 minute run I couldn't stop thinking how boring the music was. I have used my own music in the past for couch to 1 mile (previous injuries make this a gradual process for me) and I found that my pace was very uneven. For me I think I will do better if I stick to the plan until I am at 5K and then revert to my own music again.


I didn't use the NHS version of C25K (am I about to be shown the door for admitting that?!) I used Zen Labs' version which is just the instructions so you can play your own music along with it. Don't know if that will help you (or get me thrown out!)


I also did the same with the rundouble app which is also just instructions and your own music. I worked out roughly which bpm suited my run speed and looked up tracks with that bpm on to help with pace. You can set it to give reminders every so often about speed and distance too.


Thank you all so much!!!! I've had so much fun compiling a 40 minute playlist that I've decided to give it a go for my last wk 8 run tomorrow. I start my warm up to a little vangelis and finish with Europe singing Final Countdown and cool down walk to James Brown 'I feel Good' - just hoping I do!!!

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Personally I think I tuned all the music out as I haven't any proper memories of it apart from Julie. Lots of people ditch Laura once they're in week 7 or later, it was a common theme last summer, I think I was one of a very few who kept going to the end (mainly coz I wasn't listening).


Hi Beads - problem for me is that I have to listen to something good to block out the discomfort from running. Role reversal tomorrow as hubby will be listening to Laura's podcast as he hasn't a clue about what he's been missing!!!!


I went for endomondo pro on my phone, I know it costs a bit, can't remember how much, but it gives you the added option of setting up interval training where it tells you to run/walk.


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