First post of my own! W8r1 - cursed?!

Hi all,

I've replied to a few posts here since I began the programme, but I've never put my own one up. I'm just back from my second attempt at w8r1.

I first tried it on Tuesday, having done the 25 min no probs on Sunday, but the heat and it being after work just stopped me in my tracks, and I only managed 15 minutes before I thought I might die!! I felt dreadful for the whole evening, so the message I took was I cant run in heat.... Holy mamma, I stayed red for about 4 hours!

So I've been waiting for a cooler opportunity to try again, and that came this morning! I set off, as usual in a wobbly slow shuffle, and went my normal route, adding a little loop to the start to try and encompass the extra 3 mins. Towards the end, I felt I was near the 1 minute warning ( sweet Jesus, how much do I look forward to that?, ) when my phone just stopped working! No music, no voice in my ear to reassure me! I carried on in silence until I thought I'd done enough, then walked home. It's weird hearing how much I puff and pant!!

So I hope I've done it. I mapped it at just over 4 k, so it will have to do either way....

By the way, am I the boy one who still feels completely out of breath etc at this stage. All these posts about finding a rhythm etc scare me! I'm still a wobble shuffle red tomato!!

Much love to everyone.... I love his forum!



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12 Replies

  • I do wonder when I might start to feel like a runner? Possibly when I feel like I'm running and not shuffling slowly but, the running community is a supportive one and whether you are sprinting like a gazel or shuffling along sweating like a horse, you're still part of the family.

  • Thank you! I agree that everyone here is supportive and amazing thoug! X

  • Yep technical issues here too and I'm more your 'hobbling, wobbling, shuffling, red tomato' recently'!!

  • Hahahaaha glad I'm not alone then! X

  • I'm not as far as you just week 6 but I puff and pant a lot. If ever I get into any rhythm even for just couple of mins I put it in post cos it is such a surprise. I am always red after and that takes till well after my shower to go away- prob at least an hour! But you have got to week 8 and achieving it. You must be doing it right. I guess after this programme when we are all running 5k a few times a week gor a while it will start to feel easier? My sister does those sort of runs sometimes once a week but mostly at least twice and she says it gets a lot easier. Still gets a red face tho!

  • I hope so! I keep feeling after 8 weeks everyone else is feeling the love, I'm just hearing myself breathe! X

  • Well done for getting out there and doing it! And you're not the only one to find it a slog - I still struggle and I graduated a fortnight ago!

  • Thank you so much! I think ill always feel it's hard, but it won't stop me either! I'm not a born runner, so I'll take what I can! X

  • First off well done on completing the run ☺tech failures are all to common but you carried on so all good .

    As for the huffs n puffs it does get better stick with it you are close to graduation , you can do this 😊

  • Thank you so much! I'm determined to get there no matter how long it takes! X

  • I huff and puff plenty and have a tomato face🙂

  • We could make a tomato brigade perhaps! Lol. X

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