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Does anyone have an ipod Nano - what are your thoughts?

I have a very old / getting temperamental ipod Shuffle which I have been listening to the podcasts on and a nearly as old ipod Touch which I have been using the C25K app on so I can listen to my own music.

I find the Touch too big really for my pocket and given than both of my i-devices are several years old now, I was thinking of possibly switching to a Nano.

Does anyone use one ? does the C25K app work on it and what is the Nike+ running thing all about which seems to come pre-installed on it?

Many thanks.

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I've had my lovely little pink Nano for years, she goes everywhere with me when I'm running, walking or on holiday. Love her,clips on to clothes or a strap. ;)


I love my iPod nano and track my runs using Nike+ and yes you can download the C25K podcasts.


Ok - so I can download the podcasts which is what I thought, but not the app? Would it allow me to use my own music with the podcasts? ..... I assume the Nike+ does some GPS thing and works out where I am going / distance etc? .... I am just about to start week 7 and I love Laura's motivation so want to be able to hear her but listen to my own music. :) otherwise I can stick with Laura and my ipod Touch until the end of C25K and then try just running for 30mins with my own music.


I use a nano. U have to choose between Laura and your own music. I stuck with Laura till I graduated last month, and now use my own music, and the timer. On a 35 min run, you get an audio prompt every 5 minutes and st the half way point. Hope that helps, I love my nano.


If this helps, our son has a Nano, and he LOVES it. He is a damned good runner (with little inclination to run as he rows all the time), but it goes everywhere with him. He HAS to run with the rowing club, and it helps pass the time. It also goes to school and on trips.

The only thing I would say, is get some good (Sennheiser etc) headphones. The ones it comes with are a bit poor, to say the least.


I think you have to use podcast I'm not sure you can have apps on those..I've never used the nike app either so i'm not to sure about that. I just have a fat old iPod Classic - tell a lie it's quite new as my old one broke and borrowed my mums nano whilst I was saving for a replacement! I found it alright it has a little clip on it which you can clip to your top or something but I found it came loose and ended up hanging, either way it would never fall because it's so light! But I still prefer my classic held up by my trusty arm strap! Haha. I just find it much more comfy.


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