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So close to my sub 30min 5k!

This actually happened last week, but I didn't get round to posting..

I have moaned a lot about wanting to get faster and as a result have taken up doing 'speed' - the podcast, not the drug - as one of my 3 weekly runs.

My god it's hard. But it really pushes me and its quite short so its manageable in my lunch break.

Anyway I was due to do my 5k last friday and found myself less than motivated and looking for an excuse not to go (rain, no headphones, i'll do it on the weekend etc). I got cross at myself and out I went. It was a good run and i had conciously pushed myself at the beginning, towards the end i looked at my phone and realised i wasn't far off doing a sub 30min 5k (one of my news years resolutions). I was picked up the pace and pushed really hard for the last 1k coming in with a 5k time of 30:38.

Simultaneously elated to have shaved a minute off my PB but also semi-gutted to not have done it. I did also do my fastest 1k at average pace of 5:40 too.

The good news its that although i did work hard at both ends of the run i think if i could make a concious effort to pick up pace even slightly for the middle 3k i could hopefully shave off half a min or so without too much trouble.

Which is quite exciting. 'Speed' again today - guess it works!

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Well done, that's very encouraging as my pace at the moment is 6.94km/hr! I am on W7R2 atm and by the time I have walked and run the last bit to make up 5k, it takes me 37 minutes 20 secs. Glad to know the 'speed' is helping! Good luck with shaving off that annoyingly small 38 seconds :)


It does work, and yes it's hard. Easy does it folks though. It's so easy to go mad and get hurt. If you're new runners you do run the risk of injury if you do too much too soon.


Well done ReyC I too am persuing the 5k in 30 minutes malarkey. You're doing well. I'm 5.03k in 34 mins at the moment so need to dig a bit deeper. It seems impossible, but I do know that the more I run, the more achievable it will be. I certainly feel stronger now and more able!

Good luck!


Great stuff. I'm also looking to complete my 5k in 30 minutes, hopefully accomplishing both by the end of week 9.


I managed to get sub 30 minute 5k runs as a result of the crowd at parkrun. Have you tried one?


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