Couch to 5K

St Helier, Jersey

Hello fellow runners!

I am still battling through C25K doing WK8 once a week or so having come back into running after a month off with ankle injury (now fine- yay!) but struggling to get up with these horribly dark mornings at 5.30am for a run.

I am away on a work trip this Weekend and staying in St Helier, Jersey and planning to go for a run *YAY* Can anyone advise me on a nice route?? or how flat it is in St Helier- I tend to do flat runs and still building up towards hill adventures!

Also, our lunch work will be a fish'n'chip jobby so any recommendations there are highly appreciated ;)

Cheers x

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well done Jennifer sounds like a nice place to work but have never been so i don't know what it will be like. Hopefully a bit better weatherwise


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