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St Albans - Park Run

After graduating a month ago I got the bug for running and wanted to do more. All I could think of was charity 5k's but having just done one for GOSH I thought entering another charity 5k was a bit too much to ask, in respect of people sponsoring me. I done a few runs on my own but thought I'd like to run with other people.

I found "parkrun" website signed up and printed off my bar codes. That was a few weeks ago. I finally took the plunge today and drove 14 miles to St Albans. I met up with one of my ex workmates, who I haven't seen in a while and had a chat, He's completed 100K last weekend!

Anyway I took my place at the back to allow for faster runners to steam ahead. Although I found it hard going because of the heat and my erratic breathing I managed to finish it in 32:45 which was a personal best for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed this morning. The event is well run and I would highly recommend it.

This isn't an advertisement by the way. I just hope in someways it will inspire others. I am 52 years old and I got beaten by a 70+ year old man :-)

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Well done for your first parkrun! A PB too, that's fantastic. It was so hot this morning too. parkrun is brilliant though isn't it. Here's to many more!! x :-)


Well done! Sounds as if you had a great run.


Well done you: such an amazing run by the sounds of it & a great result.


All C25k parkrunners can register as NHS C25k team members and get your results here

It helps spread the word about C25k. It's not just Parkruns either, you get discount on organised races if you're affiliated. I put down NHS C25k and I got my discount no questions asked


im registered as c25k on parkrun too - waves**


I am really looking forward to my first park run but I am working on my 5k time first. Well done - great time!


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