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Run without Laura

Sorry Laura but I went without you this morning. I have only been using one earphone as running along the country roads with no pavements I wanted to be sure that I heard any cars, and for the last few runs I have had a hat on and found that my ear was starting to hurt . Therefore, after reading some of the previous posts about running without music, I thought that I would give it a go. Beautiful sunny ( coldish) morning, so set off. Felt a little strange at first but soon but was soon enjoying listening to the birds in between letting my mind wander. It's amazing what absolute diverse thoughts come into mind: from remembering running in primary school sports day almost 45 years ago to contemplating tidying out the kitchen cupboards! Without realising it I had run past the point when Laura had said "that's you been running for 15mins" , had to turn round and head for home or would have ended up with a very long cool down walk. Having checked the Runkeeper details was pleased to see that I had run slightly further in less time than my wk9r3 when I accidently ran for an extra 5mins, also not as exhausted. Still not quite managed the 5k, but slowly getting there.

Now about those kitchen cupboards!

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What a lovely post! You've cheered me up as I had a not brilliant run this morning. Just one of those days for me I guess.


I see you have graduated, do you usually listen to any/all of Laura's sessions? Or just the last one? I still listen to them often, except 8 and 9,can't stand Julie!


Today was the first time with no coaching/music and definitely no Julie ever again. I enjoyed the run even more that previous ones. I have set my own target of 5k - not far of it. Once this is achieved I thought that I would give the 5k+ stepping stone podcast a try.


I went out with no music at all a few runs ago, and I went quite fast - was a bit knackered after about 20 mins, but kept going. I've got some new music to run to now, but I quite liked weeks 8 & 9 on the programme, so might go back to them sometimes (no negative Julie issues!). With no music I could really hear my huffing and puffing though!


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