in my first week

Hi everyone, I am in my first week. But I do it a bit differently because

1. I have bronchiectasis

2. I uses the static bike at the gym.

Still I want to do it, perhaps 5k is not enough for a bike.

I had sometechnical problem in pusshing the right buttonon the bike to have km. the bike kept showing that I 'd finished my workout!Manage to set it, but I think I might keep things in mile and convert manually at the end.

OK.Last week, day 1. I did 10 min (60 sec/90 sec) And did . 0.65 mile = 1.04 km

This week, (still in week 1) day 2: I did twice ten min.: 1.65 km x2 = 3.2 km ( or 1.02 mile x2 =2 miles)

IU get just up to the limit of my toleration for shortness of breath.

Of course, after that I go on the other equipment to do chest push ups, chest press, and triceps pull down. Keeps me busy for an hours.

I'll keep track of the bike, but I think I must make my goal higher, say 10k = 6.2 miles

I'm glad to do this indoors as it is pouring with rain! (We're going to have a heat wave at the end of the week).

Cheers, Mic

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  • Well done for starting and is good that you can have an alternative to running - If you go on at this rate next week you'll definitely cycle more than 5K long before the end of the 9 weeks!

  • Hello , Welcome to the board, I would just like to wish you all the very best in your endeavours and am doffing my hat in admiration of you .

    Where theres a will, theres always a way :-)

    Please keep posting, I would love to know how youre doing

    Good Luck xxx

  • Thank you Poppypug

  • A huge well done - by the sounds of it you'll be at 5 and then 10km in no time. My mother has COPD and bronchiectasis so I can appreciate the challenges you are meeting head on.

  • I'm thinking that you just use the same timings - e.g. aim to cycle for 30 mins. You could even use Laura's podcasts and instead of walking just pedal very gently.

    I do know that the cycling machines compared with the treadmills in out gum say that I use less calories per 30 minutes session.

  • What a splendid idea. I didn't really know what to aim for, just that I have the swekly scheme to go by. I don't listen to Laura as I have lost (indoors) my MP3 player! Good idea: 30 minutes, not yet!

  • I have to say I am a bit tempted to give you the same advice I would if you were running it. Stick with the times and ignore the distance. It's all about allowing your body to adjust and strengthen. It's only a 9 week program and after you have done that you can adjust times and distances. Your body will of learnt so much in the 9 weeks why push it too far as its adjusting. All that will come later as you are stronger. happy cycling

  • Realfoodieclub, I couldn't agfree more. I find it enough to do ten minutes at the moment. But i can do another ten after the workout on the equipment. I'm not sure to do this regularly, but ten minutes at the moment is good. Thanks for hte advice, which I shall fully endorse.

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