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I am 47 and overweight. I used to be slim and reasonably fit. But as the years crept on so did my weight and total lack of motivation to do anything about it. I now hate how I look and feel. I have low self esteem ,and I really hate myself for letting it get this far out of control. The final crunch came when I realised that I was struggling to bend down to put my socks on......yes sad isn't it!

So I have downloaded the couch to 5k podcast and finally got off my backside . I have just completed the 8 min run of day 1 week 1. The first 60 sec run was a bit of a shock to the system and I was puffing like an outa breath elephant for the 90 sec walk. However it did get better and I soon found myself coping fairly well with the intervals of 60sec running. Did have to clutch at my boobs at one point though as they seemed to have gone into bounce mode.....note to self to go shopping for a sports bra!

So I have made a start. Truthfully at this early stage a 5k run seems unrealistic to me .....can I really do that? I know that if I am to achieve it then I must change the way I think ,and above all I must find the motivation to do this for myself. That will be the hardest challenge but I hope that on the days that I falter I shall read some of your inspirational blogs and find the will to keep going.


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21 Replies

  • Well done for getting out there and starting! You've tackled the hardest part. This programme really does work and becomes quite addictive! Good luck with future runs and keep blogging!

  • Thankyou.x

  • WELL DONE FOR STARTING! The hardest part is now behind you! At the start you wonder if you'll ever do it but you'll soon feel an improvement in how you feel. As you progress you will recover quicker after each session and eventually you will begin to enjoy it. And not long after that you will look forward to getting out! GOOD LUCK TO YOU and keep coming back to this site because the support is amazing! It really will help you along. We all want to know how you are getting on!

  • Be prepared in just a few weeks time to be AMAZED at what your body will be able to do. Just follow the program, keep it slow and you will do fine. Many of us were in the same boat as you starting out and we have accomplished so much. Good luck and keep us posted. :)

  • Well done for taking that first step! Believe in yourself and your ability to do this, you really CAN do it. You will be amazed by how quickly the fitness and stamina build up. Enjoy the ride :)

  • Welcome from an over-sixty, over-weight, over-joyed lady who's completed C25K and is feeling all the love and support from this forum's membership, and fitter by far than for many many years! :)

    Stick with this girlie, for YOU! ... You'll find all the inspiration you need here, and your self-confidence will grow with each run you complete.

    Check out the 'Shock-Absorber' sports bras - essential kit for well endowed girls, they're wonderfully 'grippy' and firm in many different cup sizes right up to huge ;) think they're available from several online sports shops and Bravissimo. A bit like wearing a straight jacket at first but really great at keeping everything under control! ;)

    By the way, the over-weight bit ... IS disappearing ... slowly

    Lots of luck, seeya on here again soon, Linda :D x

  • Most things already said. But just wanted to welcome you to the community. You are absolutely in the right place. Well done on making the start. And try not to second guess the programme. Just follow Laura and you'll be amazed at what you can do.

    And definitely get the sports bra! :-)

  • I second the recommendation for Shock Absorber bras - mine wasn't cheap but worth every penny for its bounce-suppression abilities!

    I only started this week too, and have just completed my second run - isn't the feeling of achievement great?! I committed myself here to making that first run, which gave me no wriggle-room to get out of it at the appointed time, so I think the more you blog the better! I found this thread very inspirational

    Good luck!

  • Love the thread you posted! Thank you so much. I need to save that on my favourites for when going gets tough! This forum is AMAZING!

  • If you only remember one thing from this programme let it be this - YES, you can!! You can do it. We've all been there at the beginning like you, wondering. But if you follow the programme (yeah, I know, it sounds like a cult) you'll find that it works. You may need to repeat some weeks or runs but take it at your own pace and you will definitely graduate. And you'll be a runner and your life will have changed. Go for it. Attagirl!!!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!! Getting out of the door is the biggest hurdle you have to cross, and you have done it.

    They say that there is only one really important piece of kit for running, and that is a really, really good pair of running shoes ~ the best you can get. Having been running with my wife, I can now say that there are TWO equally important pieces of kit for ladies ~ running shoes and a sports bra.

    If I may be so bold ~ look after them. The tissues that hold them stretches easily and never goes back. Prevention is better than the non-existent cure.

    Above all, get out, enjoy the sun and get into your running. I would also suggest that as you progress, pop in an additional week 1 type run and see just how easy it is. You will be amazed at how quickly you progress.

  • Thankyou EVERYONE. I can see from the above replies that you are a great bunch of people and your advice and support is so valuable to me.Its great not to feel alone on this journey. The sports bra advice has been noted and I'm off to Debenhams to look for a shock absorber ! Many many thanks once again ,look forward to reading your blogs and even looking forward to my next run. Gosh never thought I would say that !

  • Congratulations on getting started. As has already been said on this thread - most of us were in the same boat at the beginning. I've been following a healthy eating plan and doing Pilates as well as running. I'm amazed at the difference in me and have lost 1,1/2 stones in 4 months. You will get there. All the very best of luck with your C25K programme.

  • Wow! 1,1/2 stone is amazing,well done. I am starting to watch what I eat as from today so I hope that I shall see a difference in my weight too in the coming months. I am about 2stone over weight ,but if i can lose a stone and keep it off ,i shall be happy .It's having the will power to keep it up ,I am my own worst enemy when it comes to willpower. I have never wanted to join a gym or weight watchers as the thought of getting on the scales in a room full of people makes my toes curl. I guess I am a bit of a loner when it comes to this sort of thing. I am really liking the blogging on here. There are so many inspirational stories and honest feedback good and bad that I think that if I can stick to this programme I too can make the life change that I so badly need. Thankyou for your encouraging comments,it's great to hear from others that are doing so well.x

  • I'm 45, started at three stone overweight at the beginning of March. On Saturday, I ran the Race for Life 5k in 32.30. Today I ran 6.3 km. I have lost two stone and feel like a different person. You can absolutely do it. As someone said above, you will not believe what your body can do.

  • Thankyou mehitabel. I have just read your blog 'a running joke'. There is much in it that I can relate to. I have also become aware of my own mortality due to the death of someone close. There's nothing like a brush with the grim reaper to give you a hefty kick up the backside. The calorie counting app is a good idea,I shall download one to help me control my over eating habits. Alexandra Heminsley’s book Running Like a Girl sounds like a good read and perfect to help keep me going on my journey. Congratulations on your race for life run....32.30 is brilliant!

  • I purchased a high impact sports bra from Mand S which is really good. I started it about 3 weeks ago but find I struggled with the first week and it was about 5 runs before I managed to complete the full run. Am on the 2nd week and have attempted it 5 times before I have now done it this morning so will try another twice to complete before moving on. Yes 5k seems a life away at the moment and it may take me 18weeks not 9 but Hey ho I really enjoy it and love going out.

  • Congratulations on starting, you can do this, we were all at the start once, believing we Lund get to 30 mins, but you will, Laura will help you and everyone here....Enjoy :-)

  • Congratulations on starting, I am a new runner too (you left a lovely motivational comment on my first blog). I can totally relate to the 5k seeming undoable but LET'S DO IT ANYWAY! :D x

  • I think everyone has said the things I would have. I can totally understand where you're coming from as I'm in a very similar situation too. At first trying to fit the C25K round family/home/work seemed impossible but now its easy and I actually do like the time I get to myself.

    I had to repeat week 1 because I couldn't finish all the runs. Already I feel so different both physically and mentally - this programme is so flexible and the people on this forum are brilliant.

    My mantra for this week is - Time for a change! Who knows what it'll be next week :)

  • Thanks little helper. I have just finished week one. My breathing is far better than I expected it to be. But my legs feel like lead whilst running and I have had to really focus on pushing through and keep going ,because my legs feel sooo heavy. Still,I am on the right track and sort of looking forward to week 2.

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