Week 1 done, twice and my first swallowed bug!

Just completed my second time around for week 1 and ready to move on to week 2 on Sunday!

Beating my records almost every time now. Furthest distance, fastest mile, km, etc, all fully logged here as always! :) runtastic.com/en/users/stev...

Touch wood, so far no injuries or problems, which is good. Even bought a £9 pair of running socks, to make sure I don't get blisters! :D

And also, had my first swallowed insect whilst running, which I think makes me a Real Official Runner now ;)

Here's hoping I can manage week 2!

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  • Lol I swallow bugs/flies at least once a week, it freaked me out initially but now I accept it ( and try and run with my mouth less open haha!!

  • Bugs. A natural source of protein. Who needs expensive gel packs when all you have to do is open your mouth and collect nourishment for free!

  • Oh well, protein. You will be right

  • Good luck with week 2! I start my W2 R1 tonight - really looking forward to it - don't know what's got into me! :-D I've been waiting not so patiently these last two days for my next session!

  • Well done..and blimey thats an expensive pair of socks!!

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