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The Great Outdoors vs Treadmill


Just done W6R3, and have reached that run so far mostly on a treadmill. Outside recently I have struggled, probably by running too fast. Today however was a glorious day and I did W6R3 on a sunny Douglas Promenade.

I felt I was just chugging along and struggled to keep going at halfway, but did, and again at about 20 minutes, but continued the chugging. Did 3.47 miles including the walks in Laura's 35 minutes, in a pace just over 10 minutes a mile.

I am fairly certain that on the treadmill I would not have been tempted to slow down, and would have had a slightly higher pace.

Conclusion? Running on a treadmill is easier - and maybe my feeling of cheating a bit is justified

I miss the control of being able to up the pace on the treadmill when you feel comfortable - not so easy when you are outside and gasping and frightening the horses and passers by.

But whatever you do, it is better than sitting at home

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You say that... and yet if I get on the treadmill I can’t do it... neither is easier, they’re just different.

Never used a treadmill, so can't compare, but as far as I'm concerned it all counts. Envious of the Douglas promenade though, that sounds like a great place to run. Wishing you more sunny days! 😎


Duddles ...I love your posts and have missed you on here...we are all different & what works for some doesn’t work for others...I have never run on a treadmill, only for ‘gait analysis’ purposes..I iked watiching the video after....I think, if I had to, I could run on a treadmill, but I don’t have to, so I don’t...I don’t think you’ve cheated though?? However far or fast you’ve run, you’ve still done it & like you say it’s better than being on the couch...well done my friend x

I do all my runs on the treadmill and have never felt that I can call myself a real runner....I am a cheat!! Lol... I have learnt to live with it, I am doing okay. I have tried outside but really struggle to the point that I think I need to start on week 1, it is so different!! Well done to you though, you seem to be doing both very well!


I started running outside, but due to young children and my partners shift patterns I was struggling to get out so bought a treadmill in week 3 and haven't looked back. I did a run in week 6 outside but picked a bad route as it was all uphill and felt like i was dying. I'm just starting week 9 and am going to get out on the road again this week as really want to do some park runs soon.

The main problem I have running on the treadmill is that I get way too hot even with the back door open and a fan pointing at me. I like the consistent speed and I put iplayer on my phone and watch something for half an hour so I don't find it too long and boring.

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