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A run is a run..... but never the same

It is really weird as I did W7D1 brilliantly, had some in the tank and gave it a blast at the end better than W6D3 where i also had some left in the tank. D2 got up early as I was off on hols for a few days and had no breakfast or anything.... Struggled. Got back from few days away, went to gym not long after I got home and struggled all the way through felt really hot and sweaty and my body was moaning at me..... Thankfully I am a stubborn individual and kept saying to myself you've done it before (3 x) so you know you can do it so stop whinging and get on with it, I just felt soooo tired and generally unfit.

I am a little apprehensive about week 8 28 mins seems such a distance. I have looked at posts on the forum and it has given me great hope as many graduates say they struggled and had good and bad days, so I am taking heart and just going to go for it..... I hope that it will be a walk in the park, so to speak, still not ventured out the gym even though I took my running gear on holiday and was intending to run, bottled it lol

Wish me luck ... Wk 8 beckons and back to work tomorrow :)

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Ups and downs are the General theme on here :) I get frustrated when I think 'this should feel easier!' Then I remember how it felt W1R1 and what I can do now !

Pat yourself on the back a lot for the determination and every now and then remember how far you've come in a few short weeks !!

You're totally kicking butt :)

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I had an up and down week with week 8, but it ended well. I told myself it was only 3 mins more than week 7 and I could do it. Just keep it steady, you will do great :0)


Remember 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' sometimes, when you have a really horrible run the next one is much better. It's all building foundations of strength and fitness, for the future. 'Miles in legs' and 'any run is better than no run'... You didn't give up, you didn't stop so I'd call that a result. Move on....and GOOD LUCK


Well today's run was polar opposite to Fridays - felt comfortable all the way through, decided not to run with Laura, no offence, but I was just waiting for her to say something to give me a clue how far I had come. Did have the timer in front of me, but tried not too look at this too much and focus on my technique, and listening to my music. I felt so good that I was naughty and ran for 30 minutes to prove to myself that I was capable of achieving it. I did and still felt alive at the end.... 5 runs to go, come on graduation badge I can see you glinting in the distance.

Big lessons learnt not to let the bad runs define you and to keep on plodding :D


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