Am I doing this correctly ? What training should I do ??

Graduated last week and have upped my running to 33 minutes and so far have completed two runs like this.

My plan was to up next week to 36 and the week after to 39 then stay on 39 for a week.

Is this the right idea or am I completely wrong ??!!

I was told this by a lady who was sharing the hot tub with me !!!!!

By the way, my second 33 minute run I shaved nearly 90 seconds of my 5k which I did in 31.16 and was really chuffed !!

Can't wait to get your advice and any other training clues as now the programme is over I have no real target or goal NOR am I sure what I want to aim for.

When I started this I hated running, now look at plans etc etc

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  • "I was told this by a lady who was sharing the hot tub with me !!!!!"

    I have used that defence several times, never with any great success, I'm afraid.

    " I have no real target or goal NOR am I sure what I want to aim for."

    which rather makes it tricky to advise you what sort of training to do. I would suggest you just keep running 30 mins or so a few times a week while you ponder what it is you want next, then make a plan based on that. Maybe do some Parkruns.

  • I knew the 'hot tub' line would be picked on !!

    Rignold, I am not sure whether I want to run longer distances OR a faster 5k.

    What I want to achieve is to get fitter, healthier and still get the kick out of running that I am enjoying now.

    I don't want to run a marathon or even half of one !

    10k ? That may interest me.

    Why don't they have 7k events ??!!

  • You could try looking for 5 miles...

    Personally I'd recommend you try the C25K+ podcasts. You could do one longer run a week (your 3 minute increase a week will be fine), one "speed" and one "stepping stones" and then switch that one to "stamina". Do stepping stones before you try speed!!!

  • Thank you runningnearbeirut, I have downloaded them but not used them yet !!

    I shall have a quick listen and see what it's like !

    5 miles ? now that sounds like a challenge !!

  • I was told (by an experienced runner with several marathons under his belt) to increase total week's distance by 10% and stick at that for 3 weeks before increasing distance again by 10%. If you see what I mean.

  • The maximum increase in your weekly mileage (or even kilometreage) is recommended to be no more than 10% of your previous weeks total. This is a guide only and you still need to make sure you are not doing too much. There is a lot to be said for consolidating for a few weeks, especially as a new runner, but most find they want to move on. Increasing your duration of run will automatically increase your distance and will improve your musculature and your cardio vascular system and you will probably find that your speed increases too.

    I met that woman in a hot tub........ once upon a time..........

  • it.....

    Running club.....join one.....

    The people you meet there will give you inspiration, direction and local knowledge of runs and events near you.

  • Henpen says it like it is. Enough said...

  • My problem hen is that I do shift work AND my days off run on a three week roster so whilst joining a club would be my choice I cannot do it consistently.

    Hence I have to be a little bit self sufficient.

    I have earmarked a park run for Sat 24th but that is by no means guaranteed either.

  • After I graduated, I started a 10K programme and caused myself a knee problem. I think ur plan is great, small time increases. I did 30 minutes this week and will do the same next and then increase to 33 the week after.

  • I agree with henpen. Get yourself registered with Parkrun. They're great fun! And you can ponder what your next move will be.

  • Working towards 10k is a good goal to have. It's the bees knees of a distance, and once you've nailed it, you'll be chuffed to bits. No rush though, just keep progressing gradually and you'll get there. The miles will get eaten up quicker than you'd imagine

    You can run fast 3 k's as well, which are good as they are over and done with really quick and you can get on with your day. To speed up though you have to sort out your running legs and make sure they're strong, and your core fitness too.

    It's all good. Happy running!

  • Hi Richard , yes I agree with all the above ! Definitely register for parkrun and give it a go (work permitting ) they are a really good event to take part in ! :-) xxx

  • Sounds like your plan is going just fine. I think increasing by 3 minutes each week would be a great goal. I would encourage you to try dropping one run per week to 20ish minutes if you want to improve speed. You can try the stepping stones podcasts or run some fartleks which I love and will speed you up in no time. A little variety keeps things interesting, and if it's icy where you live in the winter speed work is hard to do then.

  • I'm giving my knees a week off after graduating- they seem to be thanking me for it with less pain and stiffness! My plan is to consolidate at 30 minutes for a few weeks, then increase by 10% and do the same again. I have no plan other than that, and no goals or targets, because my knees may not allow it.

    I went with the 10% plan because I'd read it somewhere, and it's a similar increase to the last few weeks of C25K.

  • Very wise, I went straight into a 10K plan, my knees told me off, ur goals r spot on. Sticking to 30 mins and no more. Like the idea of 1 x 20 minute speedier run. Will try that, live it up!!

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