Week 1 3rd run

Was so motivated and looking forward to this morning however it was a bit of a disaster, pod cast packed in half way through warm up walk then kicked back in just before I started to run, then the pain gripped me from my ankles up my legs to my thighs and a dull pain in my lower back and side.

Decided to walk the rest of my route, planning to repeat week 1 again next week. Should I still be experiencing pain in my ankles and shines at this point ? Have been doing stretches after each session.

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  • This might have been covered before but have you got proper running shoes? They make a huge difference to your joints so if you haven't then get yourself to a local specialist running shop (Sweatshop is the usual) and they'll kit you out with the right shoes. They can be expensive but essential for running.

    A bit of pain can still be expected in the first few weeks as your body gets used to running, but if it continues then why don't you see a Physio or your doctor?

    All the best.

  • Hi, yeah I was thinking that the shoes I have may not be the best I bought them from ebay (new) but I think I may have made a bad choice.

    Re. the pain I will preserver and hopefully break the barrier.


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