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Not sure what to do!!

Ive not posted for a while, ive completed week9

Run3 about 3weeks ago now, but only on my treadmill.

Im running 4 times aweek for 30mins nonstop. Which I'm

pleased and have lost a stone in weight.

I would love to be able to run outside. Should i start the podcast

all over again outside???? Ive been shopping today for some long

running leggings,tops and a bright fluorescent jacket So the

thought is there. i feel im cheating on the treadmill. What should

i do????

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Although I'm not an expert, I would try running outside for 30 minutes. If you feel it's too much, perhaps go back to W6 or 7 and build from there?


First of all congratulations you are a graduate, so send JR21 = John a message and get your green badge.

You've already taken the first steps in getting outside by buying some lovely new running gear, so put it on and get running. Map out a route for yourself for about 4-5K and just see how far you can go. Run-walk-run if you are not able to run for the full time but I think you'll be surprised at how well you do because it will be so much more interesting than the treadmill. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.


Yes I would agree. Start a 30 minute run but remember to start slower than you would on a treadmill, because most people find it quite a challenge when they change to running outside. You'll love it though :)

Good luck and let us know how it goes


CONGRATULATIONS and best of luck to you running outdoors. Looking forward to seeing the graduate badge next to your name! :-)


Well done that is a wonderful achievement, I did up to week 8 run1 on the treadmill and just carried on outside on the flat to start with. You will be fine! Getting nippy now though, you might need a hat and gloves if you run early or late in the day. I start off with gloves on and tuck them in my trousers after I warm up!


Congratulations on completing the programme. Now step outside and run! Just go ;-) Choose a nice route, choose some upbeat music and go!

Wrap up warm if going early morning or evening now though, but don't overdo it.

Enjoy your run!


Thanks everyone for your comments. Its so

reasuring to know you are all out there and

im not on my own. Many thanks, i shall keep

intouch and let you all know how im getting on.

Cheers Debs x


Congratulation on your GRADUATION! You need your green badge!

Like you I'm using the treadmill but only because I can't really run outside (live I Dubai) the weather here is either hot, hotter or hell. Hopefully will be moving to Cyprus soon and thats what I'm training for. I'd like to be able to run outside as soon as I get there.



Thank you so much, good luck with the move

and all the very best for your future running too.


Feelgood, go and get your Graduate badge, now thats Grandma speaking now ;)


Haha...Thanks Oldgirl, i have message JR21, but no reply yet.x


Don't you dare start again !

As everyone else has said just do the same thing as normal, just outside!

Well done on graduating though, great effort 8-)


Thanks Greg_M i will do at some point. I wish i had a running buddy though.


Trust me you will LOVE running outdoors. I've used the treadmill for 2 years or so but when I lost weight & didn't feel self-conscious, I started going early in the morning along the prom when no-one could see me. I'm hooked now! A friend has asked me to run with him next week at 5am along a different prom (with street lights) watch this space. 5 in the morning sounds crazy but I'm looking forward to it. Ask around your friends - someone may secretly be quite keen to try.


Thanks Rosie55, your commitment is amazing. My runs would be late evenings.

Unless on my days off i shall do early mornings. But not 5am, your motivation

gives me alot of self belief that it can be done.As does e

veryone elses on this blog board. many thanks too all.xx


Congratulations, feelgood, graduating and losing weighht too. Will be looking of your graduate badge (might be a Monday to Friday thing).

Hope you get outside soon, although it's quite nippy it's a lovely time to be out there running. Just make sure you're safe when you go out late or early. I think Rosie65's idea of asking around your friends is good, there may be people who already run but you don't know about it, or someone might want to start.

Let us know how it goes....


Thanks Soozz xx


Whoops, a few typos there, should've gone to Specsavers! X


Half the fun of running outside is the planning where to go to. I spend ages on mapmyrun looking at potential routes, and when I have a difficult day at work use the planning as a bit of an escape to look forward to when I get out on my next run. Time goes much quicker outside as well because you are running though the landscape as opposed to being static. Enjoy, and to hell with what anyone thinks.


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