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W6R2 Done... Now no more walkies...eeeek

Well, just completed W6R2 (10+10) although it was a bit of struggle tonight, only had 2 bananas for lunch so perhaps a bit low on fuel....

Looked at the upcoming runs and "bye bye" walking breaks... I suppose it had to come and I dont want to upset Laura, so will do my best!!

Looks like the rest of runs are really about building stamina as they move up from 25min in Week 7 to 30min in Week 9. Has anyone found this part of the C25K a problem, can't say I don't feel weary after tonight's outing???

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Well done on completing the run. When I saw that wk7 didn't include walks I was very apprehensive about the run, and decided that if I struggled I would redo wk6. I amazed myself by completing the run, OK at a very slow pace. At the time I was visiting family so had to run a new route with distractions like traffic and uneven pavement - I live in a small village and run on very quiet lanes, so maybe the fact that I was concentrating on new surroundings instead of the time helped. Good luck.


Thanks for your reply... I'm always concerned about my slow pace ... have you ever measured what your pace is, perhaps I'm worried about my slow pace for nothing?? My slowish pace averages about 8 to 9min/Km as measured with Run Keeper.


hi Andy well done you are doing great :D just did my R1 :D :D dodging the weather this week is going ot be fun :D


Hia Andy. I've Just completed w7 this evening. So far, I would say, trying to get to a good slow pace to match my fitness level has been the hardest thing for me throughout the programme. There have been plenty of ups and downs with my progress - looking back, I think I was just trying to go too fast for several weeks. I've come to realise that slow is good (the snails agree with me) and that my pace will increase as my fitness improves by doing longer duration runs.

I was also apprehensive going into week 6 and found it quite tough going, as probably still trying to go too fast. I've recently taken to including a few steep ups and downs in my runs and am enjoying the variety...even though i virtually crawl up the one hill, I can say I find the endurance (jogging without walking breaks) is better than the start stop. Dunno why!!

Well done for getting this far :D you'll be okay!


Now, now...look how far you've come ! You will be fine with the longer runs, you're going at a nice pace, don't worry about that, you can get faster later when you're more confident. Good luck...


You got to keep Laura happy!! You get used to not having the walking breaks, but I still have to persuade myself in the first 5 mins of running that I can do it. Onwards and upwards now :0)


Well done for all you've done so far.

I am just at the beginning if week 8 and for me the lack of walking in between has been hard. Though I've never given in although I have wanted to. Like runningknitter I find the start the hardest because after 5 mins I still have 20+ to go. But you push through it and actually when Laura says 5 mins left I generally think to myself 'oh only 5 mins? Alright then'

A lot of people say having no breaks keep things a bit more consistent but I think that takes some time to get used to and reap the benefit.

So one run at a time. You DEFINITELY can do it.



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