5k or not to 5k!!!

Afternoon all - he's a question to you all. Currently when doing a 30 minute run I'm only getting up to 4.17 as opposed to the 5k, so tonight, I've set myself a little challenge and am going to try to keep going until I get to 5k. Question is, how long can I quesstimate this taking? About another three or four minutes or more like nine or ten???


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  • I did 5k in 34.58 mins on Sunday, it was supposed to have been my first 30 min run. I was the same as you and wanted to see if I could do a 5 k. I think it depends what pace you are running at. I think you will probably be looking at maybe another 7 or 8 mins to do the 5. I took my pace down today and just ran for 30 mins. I want to be injury free for my graduation run. Good luck :0)

  • 30 minutes is the goal and you have done it! Yay! Don't stress about 5k in 30 mins though, I speak from new and recent experience when I say it pulls the rug right out from under enjoyment.

    For the last couple of weeks I deliberately did not look at my watch when setting off and left the running app well alone just to see if it was more fun to go the 5k distance without worrying about time. It was more fun, by [oops, pun alert] miles.

    Tempted not to turn mapmyrun back on just in case it tells me I have slowed up :)

    Really we are all at different ages, stages of fitness and however many variables you care to mention, so getting 5k and 30 mins together is going to be an individual thing.

    Why not plot out a 5k route and then set off at a pace you can maintain without timing it or run the route for 30 mins (longer if you are in the groove) and then do your cool down walk for the remainder with the goal of eventually running the whole thing in one hit. Most of all though ...

    ... ENJOY! :)

  • P.S. forgot to ask if you are using the outdoors or treadmill?

  • I'm on a treadmill and do try to cover up the distance so i'm not tempted to get disheartened but am really curious as to how far I'm actually running in 30 minutes. Because of working commitments though I'm finding that to do it within daylight is becoming a problem and I'm so scared of the dark (silly I know!!) that I'm literally petrified and can't go out on the evenings on my own. Am hoping that I can talk my OH into coming out with me, perhaps him on a pushbike, as when I see the actual distance covered I'm hoping that will give me a massive boost - actually, thinking about it, I could be massively disappointed!!!

    Thank you for your comments though, always helpful and gives me something to think about x

  • Wise decision if it is safer. I did the entire 9 weeks on a treadmill because I thought I was too hideous for the general public with the puce cake hole and soundtrack of a broken winded old nag! But now I have got outside it is far less tedious and no temptation to drive myself mad with numbers until the end.

    If you download mapmyrun or similar running app you can plot out a local 5k route just to see how far you would get. While I am running one it seems like a VERY long way. 10k seems as far away as the moon at the moment :)

  • It is all about your pace, so think of how many minutes per KM (rather than speed) rough guess is 4km in 30 mins so each KM is about 7.5 mins. Can you keep going the same pace then 5k should come along in about 37 mins.

  • Excellent, thank you. I'll be on it when I get home and will post later. Am aiming to be done by say 37 mins then - that's my goal anyway. Thanks again.

  • Rob_5k is right to mention pace. Pace is "how many minutes to run 1 km". You're running 4.17km in thirty minutes, so that's a pace of 7.2 minutes per kilometer. Running 5km is going to take you exactly 36 minutes, or a little longer if you start to get tired.

    Best wishes & good luck!

  • Blimey MarkyD, you're good! Forgot to mention though, that 4.17k includes my warm up five minutes walk at the beginning but not my five minutes after. Aaahhhh, it sounds rubbish now doesn't it :-(

  • Not at all it all counts just goes to show that actually you are more likely to hit the 36 minutes for 5k as your running faster than 7.2 mins per k as your walk is probably more like 9 mins per k so my guess will be 35 mins and 40 secs. You should start a book.

  • Any thoughts of me backing out tonight and not bothering are completely blown out the water now!! Watch this space guys and thanks again for the comments. Gunna secretly aim for your guesstimate GettingFitter! :-)

  • I'm really confused now. Did my 5 minute warm up, starting running when the clock said 5.00 and completed 5k when the clock said 41.17 so less the warm up five mins, I ran for 36.17. Is that ok or should the warm-up be included? Basically, is this a rubbish time?

  • Confused or not congratulations on running 5k are in order. 5k is 5k the important thing is you ran for 36:17. It may be that the difference between your 4.17k and the last bit to take you to 5k was just harder as you haven't run that far before. It took me a while to get to my target. The great thing is only practice is required ;-)

    What speed do you run at on the treadmill?

  • I am always amazed when I drive my 5k road running routes, I think wow can I REALLY run that far ? Yes ! If you want to time your 5k do a park run !! Hope it's worked out well for you this evening.

  • Go and do a Parkrun on a Saturday morning (that'd be in daylight). Its a measured 5km distance and there's no pressure to do it in 30 mins. A lot of us C25Kers do it in 40-50 minutes and you always get a round of applause as you cross the finish.

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