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5k or not


Are you all using apps and running watches to find out if you are actually doing 5k or not? I've just run the 20min on week 5 but not sure of the distance.

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Most of us do, no other way of knowing unless you run a marked route. There are many things out there, some cheap, some very expensive, some free. Google, as always ;)

Froggit in reply to mrrun

Yep tried the google and my samsung phones own one but might look a cheap waych as all i need it distance and time really.

mrrunGraduate in reply to Froggit

I use free Endomondo app on my phone for exactly that reason, distance and time, all l ever needed. Heart rate? Well, if l can’t breathe it must be too high. ;)

Froggit in reply to mrrun

Yep if i see my heart rate it would probably stop instantly! Lol


I did the 20 minute run this morning. Including the warm up walk and not quite all of the cool down walk because I go and do something else it was 2.58km for me but I’m only 5ft tall...

Froggit in reply to Mrsjhw

Ta i'm 6ft tall but run real slow! so guess we'd be about the same. I'll try an app and see how it goes while i'm looking for a cheap waych.

MrsjhwGraduate in reply to Froggit

Your stride has to be longer so you must have coveted more ground. It’s not about speed, it’s just the fact that one of your steps will be longer than one of mine.

Froggit in reply to Mrsjhw

Yes true i'm just curious as would love to get to 5k after all this. I'm running slow but if i can get to 5k i'll be happy. Not worried about speed really.

The two apps I use are Wikiloc and Pacer. Both show approximately the same distances. So far (Week 8 run 1) I'm at about 4.8km, which includes the 5minute warm-up and warm-down. I'm fairly confident that 30 minutes running will get me to 5km.

Ta. I'll have a look at them as most of the apps have a load more info and stats than i need. Just want distance and time that's it. Looking at Garmin watch too

The_Fat_ControllerGraduate in reply to Froggit

Wikiloc is more for recording tracks of where you've been so that you can view them on Google Earth, but Pacer probably offers what you need. It has a GPS exercise option which gives you a 3 second countdown before starting to record your run. Plug in a pair of headphones and as you go along it relays distance covered and time taken every five minutes. If you're listening to music it lowers the volume so you can hear the stats.

Exactly. I know where i am. Lol. so don't need all the map stuff. I'll have a look at pacer. Ta


I think, as mrrun says, that a lot of people do use an app or a watch. But for our version of C25K it's not necessary as the aim is to run for 30 min by the end. It doesn't matter how far you go - 5K can be the next goal (most people don't run fast enough for 5K in 30 min).

Also you can plot a route before you leave, using something like mapmyrun on the web or mapometer.

Froggit in reply to icklegui

Ta. Yes it's a big achievement either way. I'm just curious as to how far i'm now running.

ickleguiGraduate in reply to Froggit

excellent - as long as you're giving yourself the deserved credit for what you are achieving! Curiousity is fine. Plotting routes in advance also helps with inclines :)

Froggit in reply to icklegui

Luckily my route is mostly flat! Yes plenty of pride. Ta


I run Strava alongside the app and it’s great for telling me distance, speed and timings 👍

Froggit in reply to Mollymot

Ta i had a look at that one as seemed popular.

MollymotGraduate in reply to Froggit

It’s the easiest one I could find to use and gives good stats


Strava seems to be the main app these days.

Froggit in reply to Tasha99

It does yes. I'm just looking for something basic.

I use Strava. It took me a bit to learn how to work it and how to read it. Sometimes it didn't record, user error I'm sure. I now know not to close the app window while doing my run. It's nice to know distance. I ignore most of the rest of the figures. I'm not on course for 5km but have set that as my next goal after I reach the dizzy heights of the podium.

Ta. Strava does seem the most popular. I just need something basic but i'll give it a go. I'll probably hang on until i get to run the full 30mins and then work on the full 5k


I like Runkeeper. Simple to use and has all the stuff on it you need! And after graduation you can set it to tell you the time/distance run and you can choose a voice to talk to you.

Froggit in reply to Ang33333

That sounds exactly what i need. I'm trusting the C25K to get me running then want to be sure i'm running 5k. Ta


I'm a fan of Runkeeper too, simple to use and does the job. I tried various other apps but had issues with them all, so stick with the one i can depend on.


Generally strava but some of the more established runners I’ve spoken to are a bit dubious about its accuracy. Good enough for me, 2 meters either way is fine! It can be a bit temperamental and means I have to have my phone with me which is awkward, but until I’ve proved my seriousness, my husband won’t shell out £400+ for a Garmin running watch 🤣 good luck with your running.

Froggit in reply to Katiepops

Thanks. I'm looking at the Garmin's too, ''Entry Level'' or cheap in my language. The Forerunner 10 will do, 2nd hand at about 30quid. Apps for now though. Ta


I use Mapmyrun, does everything needed and costs nothing. Enjoy 😀

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