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New ParkRun starting near Hertford

Anyone living near Ware, Hertford, Welwyn, Hatfield etc and interested in starting ParkRun or simply finding a new one or one closer to home... there is a new ParkRun starting in Panshanger Park this Saturday 11th Oct at 9am.

You can find all the details here and there is a video of the course here

I cannot make it this weekend as I am going away but I intend to do it in future now that I have restarted running after a lazy summer break.

Maybe see some of you there one Saturday?

Chris L

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I'll be there :)


Hi Bradman. Great that someone from the forum will be there. If you do the run this Saturday maybe you could do a quick post to let everyone know how it went & what the terrain is like? I know the park and I think it could be quite tough going...

If you go back on the 18th maybe I will see you.


Will do - I won't be able to make it on the 18th, but I'm sure I'll see you at another in the future.


The first Panshanger parkrun went very well this morning.

There were about 300 runners, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to run the course. The route itself was great - trail shoes will be beneficial in winter months and wetter conditions, but weren't essential today.

This isn't a pb course - there's an uphill start, as well as a few narrow stretches, but overall it's lovely. Beautiful scenery; a loop rather than laps; and cows and sheep cheering you on along the way.

Throughly recommended.

I was quite happy with my time - 21:50. Will be looking to beat that next time!


Great thank you- I live in Hitchin and been looking for a parkrun so very pleased :-)


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