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From Parkrun organisers:-

From Parkrun organisers:-

Welcome to a special parkrun newsletter

Together with Join In Local Sport, we are aiming to make the parkrun on Saturday 18th August the biggest ever!

If you only do one parkrun this summer*, make sure it’s Saturday 18th August – on the first weekend between the Olympics Closing Ceremony and the start of the Paralympics.

That’s when we’re teaming up with Join In Local Sport to help create the UK’s biggest ever celebration of local sport.

Join In aims to bring the huge enthusiasm for sport from London 2012 back to every community in the UK. It’s a once in a lifetime celebration of everyone who helps to make an Olympian – from the coaches to the tea ladies, the competitors to the volunteers and supporters. Find out more at

There are already 5,000 special events happening between 13th to the 28th August at sports clubs and community groups, but parkrun will be kicking off the Join In Weekend in style with a Super Saturday.

Bring a friend

The idea is to get as many people running on Saturday the 18th August at every single parkrun around the country.

So if your friends have been inspired by Mo, Jess or the Brownlee brothers, make sure they join you at your parkrun on the 18th. Don’t forget to get them registered on the site first!

No country has ever done anything like this before. It is the UK’s biggest celebration of local sport and we'd love parkrun to kick the weekend off in style.

Thanks and best wishes,


*Only one parkrun? Don’t be silly!

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Ok....I'm almost convinced.....I've printed off my barcode, but our route is rather scary!!! :-( And why can't they do it at 9pm instead? I'm so NOT a morning person!!!


I'm going to do my first Parkrun, very scary running with so many people. Hope that I wont be last because I'm

slow. The big thing is I now know I CAN DO IT.


I've been in the last three several times out of 800 ish ...It doesn't hurt. Honest! You'll get respect for grit and determination ... and think how many people you would make happy that they didn't come last!


Didn't think about making other people happy by letting them be faster than me. I'll try to bear that in mind when I'm sprinting for the end. lol


I'm really going to try and do the York park run. I've got a weekend of birthday celebrations to organise for my husband though so I'd better crack on!


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