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Some info for parkrun newbies

-- hopefully helpful!! :)

Firstly I have found it helpful to know that every parkrun has a parkrun webpage PLUS a facebook page.

So, if I was to decide that I wanted to go to a new (to me) Parkrun somewhere in the world - I would firstly go to to decide which country I want to run in ( I will now choose Australia) , so I would go to the Australian parkrun webpage , I would then click on "EVENTS" to choose a particular Parkrun, and from the popup map, I would click on a particular PR -- in this case , I will choose DARWIN ( it should be lovely running in Darwin right now with the heat and humidity NOT!!) , so clicking on the Darwin icon will take me to their webpage page from which I can then go to the "course" page to see the map/details/instructions regarding their course -- at the bottom of that map I would then click on the "View Darwin parkrun in a large map" link to get a good sized Google map of the course.

Then I would do a Google search -- Parkrun Facebook Darwin -- and I would then be able to check out their facebook page which will show me pics of recent runs - what kind of people I can expect to see, get an idea of what the track looks like , etc . For example, if you look at the 3rd photograph in the set of 178 photos , you will see a pic of some "runners" that I am certain that anyone here would be able to beat home!!:)

I would also then go back to the Darwin Parkrun webpage and click on RESULTS/NEWEST RESULT - to check out what age groups run there, what kind of times the fastest and slowest do, etc.

There is no need to go to a new (to you) Parkrun - blindfolded !! :)

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Great Bazz, thankyou for posting this, very helpful xxx


I had already looked at the websites for my local runs but now have access to their FB pages. Thanks Bazza :0)


yes -- the "official" website pages give official info about each parkrun - but the Facebook pages give a more personal insight into the particular parkrun. Thery are also good to get up-to-date local info about what is happening - perhaps a cancellation or notice of a birthday party, etc.


Bazza this is great, I have copied and pasted to the helpful links thank you so much.


Excellent Bazza - thank you for that - Forewarned is forearmed and forefooted or is that sure footed - anyway very useful. :)


That's useful to know thanks Bazza. Perhaps if I don't get any joy from the run director about my rotten experience yesterday I will pout something on their FB page!


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