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Back from injury

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I did this program at the beginning of last year and got as far as week 5 before an injury set back (inflamed piriformis muscle). This stopped me from working out in any capacity for the best part of 8 months whilst I was having physio.

I am about to start the program again because I rarely incorporate cardio in my workouts and it's something simple to focus on in the new year.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar injury and whether or not it had impacted your ability to run/how best to manage it? I still experience some tightness in the area and I obviously don't want to re-injure myself.

My primary concern is strength training which I have managed to ease back into, but as I quite enjoyed it last time around I would like to start running again.

My physiotherapist and doctor both gave me the go ahead but cautioned me to take things slowly, so any thoughts/suggestions/input would be greatly appreciated.

And hello again 👋🏻

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Well done for battling to get back to fitness. I know nothing about your injury but I wish you well.

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I had a trapped sciatic nerve which impacted on the Piriformis muscle.. agony! No sleep for weeks... ! No running either!!!

My Tips would be... warm up really, really well.. keep doing the exercises which your Physio will have been using and the exercises which you have been doing...You should be fine...I have had no issues ...if I do feel any kind of twinge.. I simply up my routine exercises a tad and focus on specific areas...I was given a link to an exercise which really eased that muscle too!

You say you have tightness.. a Sports Physio could be helpful with massage etc... :)

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AngryFlowerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I did have a problem in the same area but clearly not as bad as yours, like old floss I found a specific exercise for the piriformis muscle which really helped me. I would ask so recommend some Pilates (possibly yoga if you’re already flexible) it will actually help your weight training too as it help to strengthen your core as well as the individual muscles. Plus stay away from deadlifts until you’re fully better.

Welcome back.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

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Welcome back ! I’m no expert, but I do know that slow and steady is the way to go. Listen to your body, and if it’s struggling, slow down - repeatedly, if necessary. You can do this, but be gentle with yourself. Enjoy your journey x

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