Walking (well running actually) on Water

Walking (well running actually) on Water

I've felt a little unfocused since graduating - I've been consolidating my 30 mins - and joined a club but last week couldn't go because of work - and then yesterday I missed a run because well there were 42 mph winds and I was worried about getting blown out to sea and never heard of again. And I was about to start c25k plus but my last run on Friday I found really difficult. Now this is in spite of the fact that in my one run with the club so far I ran farther and faster than ever with hill training to boot. But since then on my own I've never been able to match anything like that. So I set out this morning with light winds and moderate rain (which I quite like actually) and a new playlist and map-my-run and then everything went wrong... and right! MMR played up and even my own inflated ego would not believe that I had run the first kilometre in 2mins 5 secs - in short MMR had a nervous breakdown and lost the plot, having me run across water it seems - so I ran (or according to MMR swam) on and on - fortunately I'd set my stopwatch timer thingy. Thing was I felt absolutely tip top like I could run forever and thought well I'll just play on until MMR says I've done 5K or simply blows up. But I did notice that I seemed to be running beyond my past markers. Turns out, when I measured my run back home on the map (using roads) that I'd actually run 6K in 36mins 26secs. So today I have run substantially longer and further, on my own, than ever before and felt (though I wouldn't like to put it to the test) that I could have gone on quite a lot farther and probably faster! My last kilometer certainly was faster because I'd been overtaken by a runner (yes overtaken) and I felt obliged for forms sake to then keep up. So I finally feel like I have broken out of the '30 mins and no more' zone which I'd fallen into. Now I need a plan...


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21 Replies

  • Excellent! Great distance AND great speed. It does indeed sound like you've broken out of that zone.

  • Thank you Tomas - it's strange that occassionally we achieve more when we don'y set out to achieve! :)

  • Aw Runon, bless ya little cotton socks ! See , I always knew you were very special Grasshopper , and this proves it , walking on water - its a miracle ha ha :-)

    Hey , looks like you needed your flippers and snorkel for this one :-)

    6k in 36 minutes is tip top form , Excellent stuff !

    Have you had a look to see if theres any races/runs coming up in your area in the not so distant /distant future ? If so, get yourself entered in 'em and then you can download one of the all singing all dancing training plans from Bupa or Ascics , they're very good . Plus , it gives you the motivation to get out there and you've got a goal to aim for , see jobsa good 'un .

    Fab post as always, youre always guaranteed to raise a smile and a titter :-D xxx

  • Thanks Poppykins. You are a wonderful support as always - and I don't mean like a support bandage thingy but an uplifting type of moral support :)

    I shall take a look at the training plans - there's a 5 & 10 K coming up in mid November in a local park :( - not a Park Run though - think I may take a looksie but I have discovered that there is a Park Run every Sat about 8 miles away so I think I shall start with that in a couple of weeks. Right Ho - now Jeeves has polished the flippers I shall try the walking on water again :)

  • Oh yes ! Ah is it the Mo- Vember runs that are coming up ?

    Great idea with the Park Run, yes its a big fat yes from me :-) xxx

  • Thank you - I like a big fat YES. :) XXX

    PS Mo-vember - erm not sure - I cannot run with a moustache - t'will slow me down - wind resistance etc. on the other hand it never slowed down all those Spitfire Pilots!

  • Oh yes , you've got to have one of those massive handlebar ones ha ha :-)

    Im sporting mine now as I type , just giving it an occasional twiddle at the ends :-D xxx

  • Well done. MMR did this to me and it turned out I had it set to the treadmill setting. Might be worth a check.

  • Thank you THP42 :) Good thinking - I shall check that out - certainly something got the little fella all confused!

  • My Garmin often has me crashing through buildings like Super Mario, technology is fun sometimes. Well done on breaking that barrier, and walking on water. ;-)

  • You have to go really fast not to sink in the water. I have a Garmin on the motorbike that likes to take me down one way streets the wrong way. I hope you are insured - these building can be really expensive to repair :) Yes that barrier was becoming a bit of a erm... barrier - I'd love to know what I did differently today that made it all go so perfect but I can't for the life of me think of anything I did differently except have an extra day off :)

  • Conjures up visions of you gliding along! :-D Your extra rest day may well have done the trick, a personal trainer I know extolls the virtues of rest days and recovery - something I often neglect myself, so there's a lesson for us all.

  • T'is a while since I have glided :) It's all so unpredictable this running lark - a couple of weeks ago I had an extra day's rest and it made not one jot of difference, in fact I remember my calves feeling really heavy like they had never run before - I had to tell them off in public. Maybe it's hydration levels or it really is the alignment of planets. Perhaps I shall become a Sports Clairvoyant when I grow up :)

  • Impressive , 6k and walking on water ;0). Well done Runon....keep it going

  • Of the two I think the 6K would have seemed the bigger miracle 3 months back! Are you knitting running hats? :)

  • Not knitting anything much at the moment. I seem to replaced my knitting mojo with running mojo! The weather changing is persuading me back to it ;0)

  • Running is better than Knitting shall be my mantra from now on :)

  • Oh Runon , I wonder if we ask nicely, if RK can knit us moustaches for Mo- Vember ? What d'ya reckon ? :-) xxx

  • Ah Poppy - a hat will keep us much warmer than a moustache - obviously I have a lot of hair but prefer to keep it short (very very short on top in fact - like the Willis chap) and would like a hat but it is obvious that RK is more interested in running and finds it difficult to run and knit at the same time - imagine long swathes of wool trailing for miles behind RK and you have the idea - it is a health & safety disaster area - not that I have much respect for H&S but I would see their point here - people tripping up in the middle of the road, traffic wardens becoming entangled and unable to issue parking tickets etc. terrible thought :) XXX

  • Oh yes I see your point Grasshopper , good thinking .

    I like your hair just the way it is - down t' wood :-) xxx

  • Down t'wood' it is then :) xxx

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