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Graduation - Again..... 9(3)


Well, reporting in to my follower that this 72.33 year old has done it again.

I first completed Couch in 2014 and then again this time last year.

Regular dear readers will know that I was set back considerably with sepsis at Christmas, and in an attempt to re-build muscle, started again in the Spring. I got as far as Week 6 when injury struck.

After a visit to an antipodean physio in August, I started again, but on his advice doubled up on all the weeks up to and including Week 5. That paid dividends.

So it has taken nearly four months to complete, but the runs from Week 6 onwards have gone well.

I wonder do I get an extra stripe on my Graduation badge?

Today in Laura's forty minutes I did 4.01 miles at 10.15 minutes per mile - a bit better than my previous graduations, so age has, so far, not withered me.

But - I did this run on a treadmill - because Storm BuggeryBollocks or whatever this particular one is called has hit us at 65mph and swallowed up my running track.

I am putting a link to a video of what I should have been running on below: Not sure if it will work....

Thanks for all your help and encouragement everyone - I will stick around to find out what happens next.....


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Congratulations Duddles on your running achievement, this storm is called Diana, it was named by the Portuguese Met Office due to it's storm force 10 winds at the Azores which the authorities there have closed nurseries and schools.


Well done Duddles and many congratulations on your regraduation.

Have you read the guide to post C25K running?

Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done Duddles, I wish I had had an alternative this morning, I only managed 2km before I accepted that I couldn't breathe. It was certainly cold and gusty.

I think Buggery Bollocks just about sums it up 🤣.

I definitely think you should get extra stripes.

Amazing Duddles, for sheer determination and perseverance and for the name you gave the storm, well done! You have brightened up my day and given me a little boost as I sit here on the IC contemplating the fact that I will no doubt also have to start all over again. 👏👍😊


Well done! That’s an amazing inspiration. Definitely double stripes on that badge 😊🎉

Very well done Duddles

Maybe now is the time to change your feet picture (sorry it makes me feel queasy :( )

Happy running days ahead

Jell6Graduate in reply to helenwheels

Whoa whoa whoa!!!!!

Now I've checked out the picture, what in all that is holy, is that about?!🤯🤢🤮


Hi Duddles...this is such good news, you have overcome so much & now a triumphant C25k all over deserve that extra stripe, in fact you deserve a proper medal!! Well done, good to have you back x


Duddles well done to you! This has inspired me, as I sit here with an ice pack on my knee, a recent graduate mark two. I may be starting again too now ! 🙄


Well done! Not sure I’ve seen a 3x graduate before!


Very inspirational story.....well done!!

And I do like the name you have given the storm!!😂


Woohoo! 3rd time lucky! I’m really glad that you stuck with it. The best things come to those who wait. A celebratory trip to M&S cafe for a chunk of cake is well deserved I think.

DuddlesGraduate in reply to Goforitmama

How did you know I go to M&S for tea and cake? Hoping to do a Park Run on Saturday and finish up with the family in there, what we call the Cafe Run....

GoforitmamaGraduate in reply to Duddles

I know Santa and he sees everything - but not in a creepy way. BTW you did notice that I said you deserved a 'chunk' of cake - not just a mere slice!

Keep posting my friend, your slightly warped sense of humour appeals to me!


Congratulations again... I hope this is your last graduation! If not, you know you got this!!!


Amazing :D What an inspiration!

Yov'e also given me hope for my 73 year old Dad who had sepsis this year and has now just had a hip replacement repaired - he's walking a bit further every day so it's great to hear your success!

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