Run 10k with me by 27 Oct??

I am going on a cruise for 2 weeks on 27 Oct. So-for the next 7 weeks, I am intending to run 3 times per week - a 30 minute "easy" run, a 5k "fast"run at Parkrun and a long easy run which will increase each week by 0.5 to 1k each week, with the aim being to run 10k non-Stop by 27 Oct :)--at any easy pace.

I would like some fellow C25K graduates to join me in this 7 week journey for mutual support. When I frst started running, I only ever really wanted to be able to run 1K -I could never have dreamed that I, as a 67 year old, could ever attempt to run 10K non-stop.

Any takers?? We start this Monday!


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  • Um ... no thanks Bazza. My little legs would wear off up to the knees if I tried anything so rash!

  • Ahaha - I'd thought my leg shortening was due to my ageing process!

  • Morning Bazza,

    That sounds like a great plan :) so I will gratefully take you up on part of your training and join you on a 5k weekly parkrun for mutual support so glad you posted this :)

    I am going to run my first parkrun this Saturday - So I keep saying! - and am following a 10k plan which includes a fast 3k and would appreciate doing it with you & others! Otherwise I fear I may keep coming up with excuses :)

    Thank you !

  • Welcome onboard -will enjoy running vicariously with you. Dont get too excited at Parkrun and get carried away. :) Take it easy for the first couple of klms -let the speedsters do their thing by themselves at the start. :)

  • Hi Bazza, I'll do that thanks - that's sound advice to follow. :)

    You're parkrun sounds a beautiful place to run; have a good run yourself:)

  • I'm running Bazza as I have a half marathon (gulp) booked for 26th October and I've not started training yet. I still have a run hanging over from my last race. Supposed to have a break from running for two weeks but I don't see how I can with the HM being so close

  • Sounds like the perfect kind of plan for RFC's quests. I think there's a new one starting on Monday.

    I've been on the injury bench for almost a couple of weeks - planning to run again on Saturday as my ankle is pain-free now. Not sure if I'll get up to 10, but I think this could be a good incentive to get up to running for an hour again. For my weekly plan I think I'm going to aim for 1 x speed podcast/intervals run, 1 x 30 minute run at an easy pace (no parkrun in the country!!) and 1 x "long" run at an easy pace that gets longer by 5 minutes each week, so that should get me up to an hour by the time your cruise comes along. I know that's not strictly abiding by the 10% rule, but it's really not that long ago that I was running for 50 minutes.

  • That's a perfect plan Bazza... That's exactly how I eventually got to 10K (rather than killing my legs with B210K which didn't work out for me)... :)

    I have four races between now and end of October of at least 10K each so I'll be out on a long run each week with you mate... The other two are always 5K or 30 minute sessions... it's a great plan! Best of luck! It's warming up where you are too I hear!

  • Yes - we are now camping in a caravan park right on the water in Hervey Bay. Going whale watching by boat today. I am told that the bay is just FULL of humpbacks right now so we should get some real close up contact. Will run the Hervey Bay Parkrun along the shoreline on Saturday. Beautiful clear blue skies here now and around 25C max during the day - PERFECT early Spring weather.

  • Bazza you're living my dream!! I'm desperate to see humpback whales and hear their song. It's no1 on my bucket list. Can't imagine spending a night under canvas in your neck of the woods though. Not with all the bitey beasties you have over there. Have fun and take a photog or two for me :)

  • I'll be with you in spirit Bazza. Just started running again (hallelujah) but definitely not in the market for a speed, a 30 minuter and a longer one each week just yet. Will watch your progress with interest and cheer you on from the sidelines as I make my way through c25k again. :)

  • Great to see that you are back on the wagon. Take it easy and dont rush or force anything. You will get back to where you were.

  • Thanks m'dear x

  • OK - for those who will do this with me for mutual support, we will obviously start at somewhat similar levels (ie C25K graduates capable of 30 minutes non-stop running) -but our lives are all different so we may do the 3 different run types on different days. For me, I am going to do the easy 30 minute run in the middle of the week with the 2 harder runs on either side of that. So, as I will be doing the "faster"run at Parkrun, my "fast"run will be on Saturday, easy 30 minutes on Wednesday and long run on Mondays.

    It is quite hilly around where I live so I am going to seek out flat land for the long run - even if I have to drive there each week. Doing an easy run for me (8 mins per klm) involves forcing myself to run with a 4/4 breathing pattern/rhythmn _ any perceived need by me to breath at a faster rate than that means I am exceeding an "easy" pace. So, for me, I will attempt a 6K run on Monday at an easy pace. On Saturday next week, I will run the Parkrun 5K using a 3/3 pattern and will also do some 30 second "pickups" as described by Coach Jenny Hadfield in her "beginner non-stop 5k"training programme. I will continue to do these for the next 7 weeks, possibly also increasing their duration a little over time .

    I'm looking forward to this challenge.

  • I'm planning on driving down to the sea front on Saturday mornings for a flat venue for my longer run - I'm definitely with you on that one, just a different day. My other running days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I'm thinking intervals on Tuesdays as I get an extra rest day between the 2 hardest runs that way.

    So it's sorted. Starting on Saturday! :)

  • Yes -Running 10k will be enough of a challenge for me without putting hills into the mix :( at this stage anyway!

  • ok, sounds like a plan ( am I mad ? )

  • hi grannyjudes, not mad - adventurous! :)

  • Bazza, I think our training schedules conflict somewhat, but I'll be here to support you along the way and when we're running the same days, I'll jump in and run alongside you. All the very best of luck with it! :-)

  • I'll join up. I have a 10k to do on October 12th so may have condense a bit towards the end, but otherwise am pnboard.

  • pnboard? pinboard? onboard is what I meant to say.

  • I am doing roughly this anyway, an easy 3.5, and a longer 7, it's the fast 5 that's a problem for me, no Parkrun here! Nevertheless, I will give it a go with you, I will just have to look for a suitable route for 5K. 10K sounds awfully ambitious for me, but nothing ventured....

  • Just do a 5k by yourself. Go out slowly for the first k or two and then concsiously pick up the pace until you are starting to feel well out of your comfort zone. Try to hold this pace for as long as you can and if you feel that you must stop and walk do so for a short while and then pick up that uncomfortable pace again. Rinse and repeat until you have covered the 5k.

  • I will be doing a Parkrun today. I did a slow 5k 2 days ago - I have to get used to non-stop running once again.

  • Well, I did a Parkrun at a new (to me) venue. It is nice and flat and a simple out and back course. Even though it is simple, I always find a new parkrun venue to be slow for me - as I am unsure of the turnaround points, etc. A familar parkrun venue is usually faster for me.

    Anyway I followed my own advice as above - went out slowly for the first K, upped the pace considerably for the next 1.5K to the point where I had to stop and walk for around 100 metres , took off again at the increased pace for another 1.5K , stopped for another 100 Metre walk - and ran home reasonably strong ( but not so fast) - beat my previous parkrun PB by 33 seconds!!! That improvement could have been a result of the flat course -- but I have been struggling these past 2 weeks to get back on the wagon after a break and illness of 2 weeks earlier. I feel now that I am over that and look forward to progressing this 10K "challenge"

  • Good luck Bazza - enjoy putting the techniques into your non-stop PR; have fun :)

  • Well, I did a Parkrun at a new (to me) venue. It is nice and flat and a simple out and back course. Even though it is simple, I always find a new parkrun venue to be slow for me - as I am unsure of the turnaround points, etc. A familar parkrun venue is usually faster for me.

    Anyway I followed my own advice as above - went out slowly for the first K, upped the pace considerably for the next 1.5K to the point where I had to stop and walk for around 100 metres , took off again at the increased pace for another 1.5K , stopped for another 100 Metre walk - and ran home reasonably strong ( but not so fast) - beat my previous parkrun PB by 33 seconds!!! That improvement could have been a result of the flat course -- but I have been struggling these past 2 weeks to get back on the wagon after a break and illness of 2 weeks earlier. I feel now that I am over that and look forward to progressing this 10K "challenge"

  • Well done Bazza, that sounds like a very successful and confidence boosting run; feeling better and running to plan plus a PB - nice one!

    first fast 5k done - tick:)

  • I'll give that a go next time, I've never "upped the pace" so far, just keep going at the one pace I have lol!

    Shall we have a separate post for us nutters who are with you Bazza?

  • Isn't this it?? :)

  • 6K "easy" run for me on Monday -- anybody else??

  • Yes I'll join you .

  • Hi Bazza and all, I ran my 5.2k parkrun this morning; (I've talked and excused myself out of it for months - and think I would have have carried on doing just that if it wasn't for you) :) nerves were ridiculous but that's put to bed now; next time it's all about the running!

    Time 33.58 - gender position 76 / age grading 49.6% / 8th in age grade category & 50 yrs young too .. Cor all these stats just for me from parkrun ; must say thanks!

    .very pleased to have a first timer time to work on as the experience of running 5k with a few hundred people is completely new to me and I've learnt so much from doing it! Roll on next Saturday...

    I had ridiculously tight calves from 1k to 2k - took a 30 second walk ran again - walked again at 3k then found everything relaxed and carried on with a slight push for the last half k. I notice I seem to always run more smoothly at around 2 miles and wonder what I could do to prepare for running a 5 k so I am running smoother sooner?! I will experiment!

    Thank you Bazza - park running to develop a fast 5k is definitely for me :) can't believe how lovely it is to run in the morning either just loving this running :)

  • That's a good time for a first time at Parkrun. My first was 40mins , but I have got it down to 32 mins (just once) on a flat course. :) My primary aim with this running is to be able to run "easy" - ie to get along at a reasonable (undefined?) pace over a reasonable (undefined?) distance easily. Right now, I feel that my lungs/oxygen uptake is my limiting factor - so I have to challenge them. This will come form the long runs and the fastish Parkruns ( I hope) :)

    The thing with Parkrun is that you can use it as a testing ground - I did a run each week of the C25K at parkrun using the ratios of that week. Now I can do an easy conversational pace and , because it is officially timed, find out exactly what that pace is - I can do a tempo run during a Parkrun and find out what that pace is - I can do fast intervals of different durations. All of these things are good to do.

  • Thanks that's really helpful, I will experiment! Already feeling much more confident Bazza.

    I am running 6 k with you on Monday but with a tempo jog repeat theme;

    Enjoy your long run and honing in on your breathing; I have been reading a little on combining running and meditative yoga breathing techniques - Most people would call it relaxing!

    Happy caravaning & thanks again. :)

  • Im in, I am running 20 mins Sunday, 15 mins next Tuesday and 15 mins next Friday. My training plan is based on minutes ran, but I will post my distance covered , if you see what I mean. Cor Blimey, Ive confused mi'self , let alone anybody else :-) xxx

  • Yay Poppy,

  • I need to join as I'm doing a 10 in Nov. But I can't make parkrun each week. I will join you but my 5k faster run will be midweek

  • Great -- just post how you are going each week - with any tips that you may discover along the way :)

  • I will do it!! Maybe it's just what I need to push myself to increase my distance!! Tomorrow I am entered in a 5 k race for Ovarian cancer- that will be my " fast" run--- well, I hope to shave a few seconds off the time of my last race!

  • Good luck for tomorrow - you're already a winner :)

  • I have recently been reading a book called "How to run faster" which basically says that if you run slow all the time and don't ever challenge your body, there will be no growth/improvement. Of course, there is also the dilemma of overtraining and/or injury by pushing too hard. It is a fine compromise to find between too much and too little.

  • I've read similar but I am in a rut and struggle to push through it. Whwn it feels hard i just think i will be glad to finish. In a 5k run I find the 4th km the hardest. No idea how I will be doing 10. The furthest I've ran to date is 7km

  • 7km - if that is "non-stop" , it is 2 more than me!! :)

  • Hehe-I know I haven't been overtraining!

  • Hmm not quite non stop! I did 6 k non stop a different day but had a short wall break for 1-2 min at 5k . just need to keep at it. We will get there!

  • Here's my plan for this week. I am going to Spain for a couple of days this week, have had a quick look at routes on Runkeeper, looks like there is a nice run along the sea front of about 1.5K each way, and I am also hoping to swim. I haven't swum in the sea in nearly 30 years! I'm also taking it a bit easy this week because of my back, I was lucky I was able to head off a major episode this time, sometimes I can be crippled for four weeks or more, so don't want to aggravate that. And of course I am on holiday, have to think of BaldyBoy...

    MON - 5-6K easy-ish pace

    WED or THURS 3K

    SUN - not sure yet! Might try some interval/speed training

  • I have mapped out a 6klm course for tomorrow morning's easy "long" run -- BUT , to skirt around a big hill which I usually have to go up to get anywhere much from our house, I have to run through Magpie "territory" and it is now Magpie season for the next 6 weeks. Aussie Magpies are absolutely beautiful singers - but vicious territorial nest protectors. It is ALSO Plover season NOT a good time for running through parks - I really need to stick to urban areas for a while.

  • ok so here goes, I ran a 5k last week just to give me starting point and some kind of reference, then I did an easy 30 min this am, I plan to d a 5k but push my pace on probably Tuesday and my long run over the weekend, I am sure I wont reach 10k as quick as most but 10k by Christmas would be the best gift of all, thanks Gazza boy, huge help

  • I have been sent the link to your post. I am out this morning (Monday) to do a 5km + route. I plan running 250m - 500m more this week. Tomorrow is 3km fast(ish). My park run best is 36'41". My plan is to see if I can progress the distance but I will take it slowly and look forward to cheering you on. Your posts will be a must read.

  • Hi all

    I did my first "long run" this morning - 6K at an easy pace. I did a "fast" 5K at Parkrun on Saturday and at that pace , I find that my lungs are my limiting factor. However, at my "easy" pace, it is my legs that are the limit. My breathing today was well under control - I ran at a cadence of 180BPM ( got some music at that beat) and breathed 4in and 4 out. At that pace, I had no need to breath any harder and felt quite OK at the end of the 6K -- my legs are a tiny bit tired/sore tonight - but a days rest will be all they need. I will do an easy 30 minutes on Wednesday ( might use my "Zombie Run App for that) and then a "fast" effort at Parkrun on Saturday. I wont be trying for a PB -- but will introduce some number of fast but short intervals into the run. Have to try to improve my lungs for these fast runs.

  • Well done Bazza , sounds like a comfortable run, hope your knees are okay today?

    I ran my 6k last night with x2 1k s at a faster pace within that - I'd warmed up after 2k arrived at a slight downhill and ran faster for 1k there then looped back and repeated it followed by a 10 minute brisk walk home. The little downhill gradient was really helpful as it took some of the effort out of going faster but helped me to practise moving forwards with more arm movement and leg lift / cadence - a confidence boost really!

    I thought I would feel exhausted after upping the pace but I didn't 't! I felt more energised and refreshed - so I will repeat that session again to see if it wasn't a fluke. Maybe I have become too comfy with one pace :)

    I'm running two miles hilly course tomorrow before meeting my new love - Parkrun 5k - for the second time again on Saturday:)

  • Funny thing that - I am also planning to do a shortish ( 2miles/3K) hilly course tomorrow - I am going to use my Zombies Run! App for the first time ( without the chases) . I am unsure about the mid-week "easy" 30 minute run. The training programmes cal for these as "recovery" runs - but at this time I am not feeling the need to "recover" too much. I also will do a 5K Parkrun on Saturday - and will include some fast but short dashes within that. It might also be "pacer" week - so if so, I will follow the 32.5 minute pacer.

  • Well, I went out this morning as planned, it wasn't my best run as I wasn't feeling too good, but I think I ran about 3.5K before stopping to walk. It was already 24C by the time I went out, getting up to 28C by the time I finished, and very humid. It's cooled down and is thundering now...Still waiting for Runkeeper to update, but I'm not disappointed with my run this morning, I'm learning my limitations! 3.5 seems to be the distance I'm comfortable with at the moment, but I know I'm making improvement every time. Looking forward to running by the sea in a couple of days...

  • That is getting a bit to hot for me to run :) -- but as they say "mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun!! " :)

    Don't worry about having to stop and walk - this is what I did last Saturday at Parkrun and broke my PB -- I averaged 6.5 minutes per klm -- but yesterday on my "long run" running non-stop, I ran 2 minutes per klm slower. I have seen this a number of times and really believe that for runners like us , run/walk is faster than running non-stop. I am only attempting to run 10K non-stop just to be able to say that I have done it. I may do a long race next year - perhaps a half marathon, but if I do, it will be a run/walk strategy for me.

  • I have a half marathon coming up at the end of the month, so I have been steadily working on upping the distances for a couple of months now - my training is similar to what you are proposing, just some of my runs are longer, so Parkrun tends to be my "fun" fast run, and I will do either an interval or a threshold run (or sometimes if I am keen one after the other!) during the week and fit in one long run sometime each week. I will be with you in spirit as you up your distances!

  • Bazza, I find that if I stop, I don't get started again...I think I run as far as I can then I really can't run any further...Still, I remembered it is full moon today, I never feel well and my husband goes really peculiar!

  • Well, I think you are fooling yourself -- BECAUSE you are a GRADUATE of a running programme that is based around "stopping and starting" !! :) - so you can do it :) -- but only if you want to. :)

    But certainly , you don't have to if you don't want to.

    The problem I find with non-stop running is finding the answer to the question " How long is a piece of string?? " - so , in my early days of running, I didn't really know how long a piece of (5K) string really was, and I was frightened that if I ran non-stop too fast, I would run out of energy before I reached the end of the string. Now I know how long a piece of 5k string is - and I can therefore run it non-stop at whatever pace I think I can maintain to do the distance. However , now with 10K training, I don't once again really know how long the 10K piece of string is - so I have to run it very very slowly if I want to attempt to run it non-stop. But , if I were to choose to run it with stops in between, I could run it much faster !! :)

  • HI. I just posted that I have lost my momentum with nothing to aim for - should have read your post first. My daughter wants to do a 10k next year and it's twenty years since I last did that and at 55 am not sure I can but would like to try it along with her, nothing ventured etc......Anyway I will try to keep up but I may just be the back runner - you will need one of those!

  • Don't forget - you don't have to run fast nor do you have to run non-stop. My goal is to run 10K non-stop by 27 Oct ( which is when we are going on a cruise) - but it is quite an arbitrary goal in itself. My real goal is to simply have a goal :! :) It is easy to lose momentum after completing C25K .

  • I totally agree. I did a 5k charity colour run in August and then a Parkrun ( 2 hour round trip to get there) - time 37+ minutes and mostly uphill on the way out which came as a bit of a shock, but since then - no real goal. I will try to get to Parkrun at least once per month but can't justify the time and fuel to go every week but there is none nearer. Anyway - good luck Bazza and I will be doing my best to keep up - in NE Scotland so a bit away from your neck of the woods.

  • I do understand what you are saying about completing a run/walk programme Bazza, but I know how far 5K or whatever distance is because I've used Runkeeper or similar since the early days, and plan my routes before I do them. There aren't many roads around here, and I don't want to end up miles from home! I think if I wanted to do the run/walk thing I would have to walk far earlier in my run - I really feel I've reached the end of my bit of string when I slow down to a walk! Of course it's all about pacing myself, I know that from swimming. At the moment it seems like 3.5K is about my limit, I'm happy with that as it's only 5 weeks since I graduated (although I did do 5K once just to see if I could!) I agree a goal is good for it's own sake, and this is a good idea for us all to push ourselves and encourage each other. Part of the problem for me is the enormous improvements we made week after week on C25K, massive jumps in time running, but it's not really realistic to expect to keep making those improvements after, unless you are Superman Aussie! For me, I would be ecstatic if I could do a Parkrun when I get home in October.

    This week I intend to do

    SUN - very steep walk up the top of the mad hill I live at the bottom of for a fete

    Mon - 4-5K route around said hill

    WED - 3-4K route faster than usual

    FRI - Stepping Stones

  • That sounds like a very challenging week - I am sure you will complete it. I had a disaster today for the first time - DNF a 5K Parkrun. I wasn't feeling right at the start - and then went out too fast - much too fast as I was dead at 2Klm. That has never happened to me before :(

    Anyway, this week I will be doing a sloooow 7Klm non-stop run, another Chapter of Zombies Run! on Wednesday ( this is 30 minutes of easy running with some short fast chases in it) - and I may repeat the 7K run next Sunday.

  • I saw your post about the Parkrun, how disappointing for you. I've seen quite a few people here saying they haven't done so well this week, I wonder if it's the phase of the moon, or something - I know it affects me...

    Actually I thought my week was fairly easy, I'm not pushing myself too hard at the moment, after all it was only a couple of weeks ago my herniated disc was playing up and I was dosed up on the mega painkillers and anti-inflams...also traveling takes it out of me even though I had a lovely time...

    Just wondering, how slow is your slooooow 7K?

  • Last week I did the 6K at 8mins 30 secs per Klm - so I would expect to also do the 7K tomorrow at that pace.

    This is about right ( for me) ---according to this webpage, (which has been created using the data in a book by a World famous running trainer called Jack Daniels). This is based on a recent 5K run at Parkrun of 35 minutes. My PB of the 5K is actually 32 minutes 25 seconds -- if I plug that into the calculator , it says that my training pace should be only 8 minutes per klm. But right now, I know that I could run a 5K in 35 minutes reasonably comfortably whereas 32:25 is a right effort which I may or may not be able to do again - so I choose to use the 35:00 result as a basis for the calculator.

  • Ah! I was looking for something like this! I have something similar for swimming - you swim 400 mts as fast as you can, then after a rest 200 mts as fast as you can, then divide one into the other (or something!) to get your CSS or critical swim speed, this is the speed you train at, aiming to knock 1 second off 100 ms per week. It's a bit of a boring slog, I was doing 12 x 100 mts on 10 seconds rest, but it works.

  • Hmm -- I am going to play around with this at Parkrun. My training for this 10K non-stop attempt is a long easy run each week ( increasing each week) , a 30 minute Zombies Run ( which is an easy run with a few fast bits in between - when the Zombies chase me :) ) and the final run was/is supposed to be a "fast" 5K at parkrun. Now I bombed parkrun last week - don't really know why, I was tired, it was hot, I went out too fast , but I am also a bit bored with the 5K Parkrun non-stop format.

    I can programme Runkeeper to do intervals that go up the ladder time wise and down the ladder again - and aim it all to complete the 5k in a certain time ( or at least see how far I get in that certain time - 5K or less -or more??. ) I think it is always important to try to inject some interest in our running. Today I listened to a Audio book on my long run and also had a metronome going which kept me to my cadence of 180 BPM

  • Monday run completed 5KM in 43 minutes, 4 minutes off last time. I could call it a PB I suppose but it's only the second time I've done that distance! I experimented with my step/pace today, tried smaller faster steps and caned it a bit on the flats and downhill bits!

    My splits were -

    8.25 8.41 8.05 9.12 8.53 very pleased with those as last time a couple of them were over 10 minutes, my slowest split today was when I was fiddling with my music!

  • Smaller , faster steps -- good!!! I seem to naturally run at a fairly high cadence of 180 BPM - I do tend to slow it down when I get tired , so on these longruns , I have a metronome in my ear ( very quietly) to keep my nose to the grindstone!! :)

  • I did the "Speed" podcast yesterday, really enjoyed it, and ache in some strange places today! It was the first time I've done it so didn't want to push it, but next time I'll certainly ramp it up a bit. Don't know how I did really as Runkeeper STILL hasn't uploaded (after 24 hours) but I can see from my phone that my fastest KM was 7.28, well chuffed considering when I started running a few months ago I was doing around 10.45...

    I'm intending to do the "Stamina" one tomorrow for my longer run.

    Don't want to speak too soon, but it looks like there is a good chance I will be going home a few weeks earlier than planned. The local bar will be shut for 10 days for maintenance, and BaldyBoy will have nothing to do lol!. Kidding apart, it's really our only entertainment, we don't have telly or many friends here, so without the bar we are lost. Trying to change the booking, if I get back to lovely flat Cambridge early, I will certainly give you a run for your money Bazza! 10K seems very achievable there...

  • I tried those C25K + podcasts and didn't like them. I run with a cadence of around 180 BPM (must be my short legs :) ) and the C25K music is too slow for me to run to. I have found that I don't/can't run to music unless it has a very fast beat, so I don't try anymore.

    I did a 7.2K easy run on Monday and have done a couple of bodyweight training days since - I will do a Zombies Run! day tomorrow - 30 minutes with some fast 30 second pickups in it and then on Sunday will do an 8K , but experimenting with ladder run/walk intervals - then will do the next "proper" 8K non-stop on Tuesday.

  • I have very long arms and legs, like a gorilla! My running is very slow, my walking wasn't even up to the beat Laura gave! I found it helped. I guess it's what works for us. My swimming is the same, I do about 50 strokes a minute, some people do up to 90...

    8K? That's quite a jump isn't it? Good luck with that! I'm thinking I won't be going much further until I can go a bit faster.... my 5K route takes nearly an hour with warm up/down and longer and I am getting bored....

  • Don't think so - I did 7.2 last week, so 8K isn't much further. I have now run for 60 minutes non-stop - so I just want to be able to myself that I have ran 10K non-stop, regardless of the time it takes :) Psychology is all important in this game - once you can look it in the eye and say "I know you", it is never as scary again!! :)

  • (Also posted on main page)

    Just back from doing the stamina podcast for the first time, not at all sure that's for me....I found it really challenging, far too fast for too long...had to walk quite a few times (yes Bazza, I guess I can go back to running after!) and my KM splits were all slower than usual...I wasn't feeling 100% when I went out, feared I might have a "Paula Radcliffe" moment.. I misjudged where it might take me to as well, and had a long walk home after, no energy to keep jogging even. Started to shiver too, that's never happened before....

    I've discovered from swimming that when I up my stroke rate, my distance per stroke is seriously reduced, seems like a waste of energy...perhaps it will be the same for running, although I will try this podcast a couple more times before giving up on it.

  • Woot woot! Changed my return reservation, will be home in lovely flat Cambridge in two weeks! That means I can do my first Park Run on 11th Oct! Really looking forward to that! Not sure what my week will contain, it's tempting to ease back a bit because it won't be long now until I don't have to do these horrible hills any more....but probably -

    Mon-5K possibly trying the "Stepping Stones" podcast

    Wed - "3.5K with Speed"

    Fri - 5K route the other way round! I tried this a couple of weeks ago, it defeated me because of the hills...

  • My plan for this week is Tuesday 8 K - slow and easy , Thursday - Zombies Run ( with "chases" enabled ) and Saturday- (Parkrun) . On Sunday, there is an Orienteering event on closeby so I am going to investigate it.

  • 8K slow and easy - does that mean non-stop? (Off to Google Zombies!)

  • Yes - non-stop running. But at a quite slow "conversational" pace - not much faster (maybe 1 minute per K) than walking for me.

  • That's brill, you haven't done that before have you?

  • No - have run non-stop up to 7.2klm ( just over 60 minutes) so far - 3 more weeks to get me to 10K - then I will run 10K once each week until 27 Oct (when we go on a 2 week cruise to NZ)

  • Still slogging away, had a good run yesterday. I have one longish route that goes around the bottom of my village, I usually go the same way round.. tried the other direction once before but was defeated by the hills...well, yesterday I managed it and it felt fairly easy. Isn't it grand that we make improvements, albeit small ones, all the time? Ran 5 1/4KM, so a little further too. There isn't really much else I can do while I'm here until I can run much longer distances.

  • Running 5K is no mean feat - and how many of our age do you see doing it??? :)

  • You cheeky git! I'm not your age lol! Actually I do pass a lady who must be 5 or so years older than me, she has a full face of perfect make-up including powder...if I wore that It would melt and run off my chin.....I do know what you mean though, I'm just kidding, we are both over the hill!! Me quite literally yesterday!!!

    I looked at my route on Google maps, you can follow one of them all the way round - I'm impressed with myself now, it seems a really looooonnng way!

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