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Big week for me this week!!!

From my Runkeeper log

Tue - 8klm easy non-stop (running club)

Thu - 19 klm run/walk (HM training)

Sat - 5klm easy non-stop Parkrun

Sun -- 6 klm easy non-stop (running club)

Sun --5 klm walk (Orienteering club)

Total - 43 klms.

All of it done at an easy pace between 7:00 and 7:30 mins per K. - this is in keeping with a <30 minute parkrun last week :)

Feeling quite strong - no aches or pains - bit tired though. Looking forward to some vin rouge tonight.

When I first started trying to run, I only ever wanted to be able to run one Klm non-stop. I don't know what has happened to me!! :(

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That's very impressive Bazza ! It's amazing what we are capable of isn't it ? Who'dve thought you would be doing these distances from those early days of Wk1 R1 !

Well done ! :-)xxx


Wow! That is a very impressive list. What a journey running takes us on! Good luck with the HM.


Bazza, you are a real inspiration for the rest of us who can't yet ever imagine calling 5k 'easy'! Well done. Your enjoyment of your new lifestyle really shines out. :)

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The word "easy" refers to the effort I put in and is relative - it means easy to you personally. I guess that compared to sitting on the couch - there is no running that is "easy" :) It is still all hard to me -- but it is a matter of hard, harder and hardest - so out of those three, the first is relatively "easy".

So - everybody has an "easy" pace - it is the pace that you can "get along" easily and have a chat as you go - for most of us in the early days of our running , this can often be a combination of running and walking.

You can do a 5K at your "easy" pace!! :)

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I hadn't thought about it like that. Thanks Bazza.


What an amazing total - well done!


That is an amazing amount of running this are well prepared for your hm. You deserve that red wine tonight!!!


Wow. That is a lot of running. Good luck and be safe!


Wow! That's an awful lot of running Bazza. Seriously well done and I hope you enjoyed every drop of that wine.


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