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Just finished wk8r2. Went a different way and was enjoying the change until I turned about to head back and face a strong head wind all the way home, so when I looked at the info on Map my Run was amazed to see that my average speed was 2.53 min/km . Look out Mo!

On the little map the route was correct but running time and distance all to pot. Sounds sad but I have been keeping a check on the average speed and any improvements as another way of keeping motivated and setting a personal goal for each run. During week 7 I was visiting family, went out for my run and MMR topped after 30sec on 2 runs. Looks like I am going to need something more accurate.

All I want to log is the distance, time and pace. I have read up on the Garmin FR10, all advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I also found MMR a bit hit and miss. I now use Runkeeper on my phone it works in the same way as MMR, why not ive that a go before you shell out on an expensive watch? There are other apps tto,Endomndo is one I think, but others here will be able to tell you more about those.

    Congrats on your 2.53 BTW!!!

  • Mine just arrived in the post this morning, so can't answer your question yet, but am really excited about trying it out! I did a run this morning so it will just be tested on wandering about for the next 48 hours. :-)

  • I used MMR and Runkeeper but found both hit and miss, now use Garmin FR10, great but still sometime a bit short or long as it still relies on GPS signal. Also Strava is very good!

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