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Consolidation Runs- Slowing down is the key

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So I am on the 2nd week of consolidation runs and have found all of them a complete slog 😩. Sore legs, desperate to stop etc. Always felt like I am very slow but decided today to slow it right down even more.

Made a massive difference, I could have run for about 7-8 K but was short on time as my husband needed to go out. I wasn’t unduly breathless and arms and legs felt strong πŸ’ͺ.

Average pace was 7 minutes 52, which I’m fine with if the run is more enjoyable and it means I can run for longer.

Going to try really building on distance for my next run and push my fitness further. πŸ‘ŠπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

12 Replies
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Yeah I can plod along for a couple of hours if I keep it around 7.45-8.00mins. But if I try to speed up much I struggle after 45 mins

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This is exactly what I’ve done. And the slow running makes the running pleasurable, in the moment. I’ve been building running time to one run and am going to consolidate a 50 minute run! Only started running in November, and started so unfit, but this slow way, you’re so spot on, can go and go, and feels great. Enjoy! x

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KimbovGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

Yea I’m surprised how comfortable I felt, definitely a game changer and will stick with this method of running xx

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If that is slow, I’m Mo Farrah! Your’re doing great! X

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KimbovGraduate in reply to Chris141

Thanks xx

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it's the long slow runs that build up stamina strength distance and speed... try shaking the routes up and get some short slightly faster runs in and some 30 minute regulars too...

This is why I bang on about slow and steady...quite simply it enabled me to complete my first HM, having had fun, safely and enjoyably, even though running for 13 miles... :)

Take a peek at the What's Next post... loads of useful info there and maybe a peek at the C25K+podcasts too...challenging but extremely helpful:)

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KimbovGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks, will defo take that advice on board xx

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Great post Kimbov, I’m just starting Week 2 Consolidation runs and not finding it as smooth as I thought...tired legs (well tired generally) so will try slowing it down even more (even though I’m slow anyway) at some stage we must turn a corner and it becomes better. Good luck with building your distance and post so we know how you get on πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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KimbovGraduate in reply to RunRunRun13

Thanks it’s not easy is it! Yes I’m waiting for that magic time it all feels really easy, not sure that will happen. Even tho it’s difficult the benefits I feel are massive and I never want to go back to being a couch potato ever again!

Let me know how you get on with the reduced pace and if it makes a difference xx

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RunRunRun13Graduate in reply to Kimbov

Yes totally agree the benefits you feel are amazing πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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Well done you! I’ve just finished first week of consolidation runs. I find it really hard to slow down enough! Then legs are screaming stop!! Any tips? I’ve been sticking to 30 min runs, managing 4-4.5k. Aiming for that magical 5 !

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This is good to hear. I have just reached Week 6 and I run sooooo slowly, but I, like you, find them more enjoyable when I slow down. I am beginn8ng to think I will finish!

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