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Couch to 5K
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The pantomime season is definitely here!


There was once this chubby bloke right, and ah-ha, he had this bright idea that he needed to start to get fit at forty ........ [big light bulb moment - and the pyrotechnics crackling]

So he thought he should start doing exercise. Slowly he started running, putting himself through the ups and downs with the 9 weeks of C25K. He made friends with Laura, learned what adrenaline was and began to love the total rush as the endorphin kicked in - he even started eating salads & cutting down on the other naughty stuff. He was changing for the good. ..........[happy summer music, bright warm sunshine - twittering birds everything feeling good]

He was helped along the way with encouraging words from his forum friends too - he can do this & as he got more into running he realised that he quite liked it, "running's not that bad". He still didn't think he was very good at it, but he stuck with it and slowly dragged himself up managing to running for an hour at a time, eventually breaking through 1hour20 mins to get to 13km in one run .......... [cue the Eye of the Tiger from Rocky - da, da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-daaaaaaaaaa, da, da-da-da-da-da, come on fat lad - push it harder - work through the pain - don't ever quit - you can do it - you will beat all odds]

He had only gone and done it - he had become a real runner! ........ [gold light fills the stage as the interval curtain falls - all he can hear is the whistles and cheers as the audience go wild]


..... then the dark clouds of autumn came ..... [thunder clap] and after a few runs in the dark evenings, feeling a bit miserable & very sorry for himself, this little demon chirped up & started telling him that it was too cold & too wet & too dark & too miserable to be out there running. ......... [boooooooo hissssss - evil nasty demon]

Once again there was a space on the couch for him, an enormous television full of programs which needed to be watched, a few bottles of red with his name on, but worse still were the dangerous nicotine filled little fu*#!kers he used to enjoy so much.........[Sad morose bluesy guitar rift - with dark blue stage lighting]

Every week goes by with no running he could feel all of his good work being undone - he was unlearning how to run - he had started trudging along again! - he was in danger of becoming a ex runner ..........[cue more sad music, the single spot light slowly dims as our hero collapses to his knees - then slumps as the light finally goes out!]

But that is not the end of our story boys and girls, oh no. Because in just 8 days time he will have almost two weeks off where he will be see daylight during the day again, where he is not constantly driving to and from work, and he is determined not to loose his inner runner.

He has crawled back up onto his knees, then standing on his own two feet, shielding his eyes from the bright lights, looking straight ahead he can see the tow path once more - HIS tow path.......... he remembers what it was like to be that runner, but it's hiding away somewhere inside him.

So he needs you to help him - he can't do it all on his own - so come on boys and girls - shall we help our hero find his running feet - shall we help to find his inner runner once more ..... our hero takes a bow, thanking his audience and decides it's time slay his demon, time to to end the running drought - 9am Sunday morning, are you going to help him?

..... The End .....

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The cold and dark are very good at sapping motivation, I started this running lark in July so know exactly what you mean. So you're not on your own at feeling at bit crap, but after writing all that you must have the energy somewhere to get out there and reclaim your tow path! The show must go on...good luck!


More! More! *loud clapping* you can do it, get back out there banish the dark with a mighty head torch dash the cold with some thermal gear and reclaim that tow path.....

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We believe in you , Tinkerbelle!

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You can and should get out there. I know its hard as the cold nights draw in. I have found it a shock but join us, there is a lovely bunch of people here and we will help you get there.


Can he do it ?

Oh yes he can

Oh no he can't



I am sure Prince Charming will get the ugly sister of his shoulder and sprint away to meet up with Cinderella - enjoy getting back into the running - and hope the golden shoe fits at the end of the towpath.

Happy Christmas

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Cue the panther...( in true panto style, I'm at the back end!) slinks up to you and tells you that you can do it and its not easy but the jungle out there is very exciting... So what I'm saying is dig deep to find that inner panther, get out there and get yourself a mantra... Oh and simple goals too.... One step at a time...

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Find some music that you love, comfy gear and a route that is doable but not toooo easy, but is short enough to fuit minto the oddm half hour u have spare. U dont have to run for hours! If u dont like dark nights, try the gym. You can watch tv at the same time there!!!


Yes, you can go out and enjoy YOUR towpath again. But more than that go explore some new routes. Get out your local OS map, browse local walking books or websites, or check routes on mapmyrun, and go exploring. Start planing now and make a list of runs for every other day of your holiday, buy some sweeties (or whatever you like for refuelling when running), maybe even pack a rucksack so you can carry extra clothing and get out there and enjoy yourself.


Great story - but it's not "The End" yet, is it?

Looking forward to reading the next instalment(s).

We're right behind you, so go for it!


Remember the hero always wins in panto, you are the hero. The couch potato is behind you. Keep posting



WONDERED WHERE YOU'D RUN OFF TO and why no posts for so long. You are our motivational HERO so there's no way we will let you get back to the couch so easily! And you must kick those nasty little nicotine fu*#!kers into touch before we go off you completely!

We are ALL behind you. YES WE ARE!!!!

Good luck for Sunday morning and whatever it is you've got planned! Let us all know how you got on. We miss you and your wonderful witty posts.

Get back to your towpath as soon as you can. Avoid getting the gravel in your shoes and have a really good time! Big hugs and enjoy yourself. We think you are ACE and we want you back!


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