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Banned for 5 weeks!


Have started physio this week due to tendinitis in both knees and he has banned me from running for at least 5 weeks - what on earth am I going to do with myself? He says I can walk, cycle, use the cross-trainer etc but it's just not the same.

I only graduated in March so am really disappointed not to be able to continue to consolidate - think I will probably have to start from the beginning again after my 5 weeks, and that's assuming the tendinitis clears up quickly but I've had it in my wrists before and it took a lot longer than that to clear up.

Sorry for the moaning but I'm feeling really sorry for myself today!

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If you were a top racehorse they'd have you in a lovely warm hydrotherapy pool...I think I will stop with the horse analogy because it could end always know best.... mine saved me from permanent limp due to sciatica a few years ago when all the G.Ps I saw were useless! 🐎

triumphbabeGraduate in reply to Sofabunny

Funnily enough I've suffered with sciatica for about 50 years, since i was 16, but have had no problems with it at all since I started running - definitely a silver lining to my current cloud!

My back feels loads better since starting C25k..

Sorry to hear that.🙈

But good you have been cleared to continue in the gym etc.

Honestly you will be able to retain superb fitness.

I have a pensioner friend,who is a past London Marathon Champioship Class runner.

No impact for him now, daily routine 90 mins - 120 mins everyday on XTrainer, setting 6 , rowing m/c lower setting and spinner lower setting.

Absolutely buzzing.No weights or resistance stuff.

Of course you would have to build up impact again, but you have the opportunity to retain all of your present fitness and maybe improve on it. Believe it.

Take care of you and please don’t worry.


Elfe5Graduate in reply to Tbae

I have to tell you Tbae, ( been meaning to since you joined the forum) - I love your mountain ridge photograph and I also love the way that it looks like a collie escaping from the photograph when it is small! 😀

Tbae in reply to Elfe5

That’s the famous Crib Goch in Snowdon.

Would you believe that every 2nd year a 200 mile race called the dragon’s back, they run over the Arête and more. Google it.

Our Oldfloss has climbed it many times.🌟👏👏

I wish I was the little collie.🙈🤔😂😂

Take care of you.🌟👏👏


I really sympathise- big hug to you- because I had to take 4 months off at the start of this year due to illness.

Some encouragement (I hope!) & some ideas that might be helpful:

1. Irishprincess said to me, ... It’s a blip. You are a runner and you will run again. Blips happen because they’re part of life but you are still a runner. - That really helped me psychologically. ( Thanks again IP!)

2. That horrible “climbing the wall because I can’t run” feeling becomes less intense after a while...

3. ... which means the other things that you can do feel a bit better.

4. Do whatever strength and flex exercises you can so you have IC time achievements to be pleased with.

5. If you have a bike & a suitable phone, have fun with Mapmyride

- it gives you a replacement plottable achievement and you can cycle to find & plan future running routes. Whatever exercise you choose to do will help to keep you fit and ready for running again.

I did choose to restart C25K because I, too, was a recent graduate when I had to stop but I didn’t mind- I was so pleased to get going again. 😄

Take care, do all your physio and this blip will pass. Xx

triumphbabeGraduate in reply to Elfe5

Thanks, that's all really helpful and definitely makes me feel better!

I know what you mean. I'm on the IC for a couple of months.


Oh well, that’s actually not that bad. My combined time off (twice) reached 7 months. ;)

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