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Lurgy strikes - running on hold for a while


Yesterday evening my throat started getting sore and when I went to bed I realised I was getting a cold. Throat was worse this morning and my nose is the only thing that's going to be doing any running over the next couple of days. Oh well, these things happen. I will follow all your posts with great eagerness as I snuggle on the couch with my warm drinks. Sort of C25k2C. 😪😰

Good luck to all those close to graduation!💫🌟

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Aaaaah. Me too Jaysee..

Headache, runny nose, scratchy throat

and aches and pains... why now? :(

Lets hope we feel better soon. x


Oh dear, hope you're feeling better very soon. In the meantime, tea, paracetamol and, of course, cake will make you feel better as you snuggle up on the IC :)

Oh no! Not the dreaded lurgy. :( take good care of yourself JaySee, hope you get well soon x


Nooooooooooooooo..the nasty bug is rushing around and attacking all the runners!

Poor you... if it is any consolation, my throat is better now, still got my award winning,running nose...but maybe your bout will follow the same pattern!

No running indeed, until you are well.. fortunately a snow shower here, meant I could not have run even if I could have struggled out there!

Stay snuggled up and warm on that couch... plenty of warmer days making their slow and steady way towards usx


Awww hope you feel better soon, seems to be affecting a few :(

Rest and recover :)


Oh no. Rubbish! Hope you get well soon xxx

As long as it hasn't gone to your chest you can still run if you want to. Not that you should feel obliged to - staying home snuggled up and recovering is a very sensible plan and all I feel like doing when I am belurged. Just be aware that as log as your cold is neck up not neck down you can still get out there if cabin fever starts setting in.

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Rignold

These things often go to my chest, even if I rest and I'm not going to provoke it. But thanks anyway - it's good to know I've got options!

Hope your knees have recovered - you're one fit guy!


Ohhhh noooooo! That sucks!

Look after yourself and hopefully you will be back outside soon :)

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