Question for the girls. Boys look away!

Can any of you girls recommend good fitting capris, and by good fitting I mean they don't ride up between your legs and give you that camel toe look!

I have a long body between waist and crotch and I can not find capris that fit well in this area and don't ride up! I'm not so bothered about the camel toe (going so fast no one can see! hee hee!) but I'd love something a bit more comfortable that I'm not constantly pulling at!

I have heard that Sweaty Betty are fab but they are really expensive but I'm at the stage I might well fork out! Has anyone got these?

Thanks for any suggestions ladies!


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35 Replies

  • I've bought all mine from Asda - about 3 pairs - and they're all fine for me - good price too.

    But there's not a lot about me which is long..

  • Thanks for your reply pinkangel. Unfortunately I don't have an Asda anywhere near me but next time I'm in one I'll check them out.

  • I've got a pair of ordinary black leggings which I bought in M&S a couple of years ago - they're not specifically sports ones, but they are very long in the trunk and do not ride up or down. The proper running tights I bought (USA pro) are quite short from waist to crutch and need to be hauled up every now and then!

  • Thanks for this. I'll check out an M&S. I keep forgetting about them! I have a pair of long leggings that I wear in the wintertime and they fit perfectly. The bummer is there's no label on them but I've had them for yonks. I just need the same ones in a shorter style!

  • Mine are full length, but you could always fold them up or chop em off!

  • Good idea!

  • Mine are Kyodan bought from TK Maxx (I think it is their own brand) and they have been great.

  • I love TK Maxx. In fact I bought a pair recently. They looked great in the changing rooms and when I put them on at home they were all wrinkled at the back! Not a good look! Think it must have been too dark in the changing room! Thanks for your reply.

  • The wording of your post obviously caught my attention - and therefore I could do nothing else except to open it immediately :

    I would like to contribute and help -- but I can't because I don't know what a Capris is??? :)

  • They're a car from the 60's to 80's = there's plenty of room inside , but I doubt you'd get a camel in them!

  • that made me laugh! And then there is the Capri Island off Naples :)

  • And please DO NOT google camel toe... unless you are a qualified vet.

  • now I have to Google it!

  • Please don't.

  • should have listened to you...:)

  • Think you know now Bazza!

  • Capris are the 3/4 length lycra legging we run in.

  • Ok I love the nike filament ones. I started and was jiggling around. I read from the girls here to get the filament ones as they stop this. I just bought the long leggings in elverys but I'm so small I'll have to turn then up. I got the capris on sportsdirect also

  • Will check these out. Thanks joyc.

  • Nike Filament fan here too. They are thicker fabric and stay put! Dearer than the supermarkets ones and Karrimors but the sales are on now so you could grab a bargain

  • Thanks misswobble. Will definitely check them out.

  • Just received a pair of these (the long one, for the winter .) from Wiggle - they were on sale, and also a pair of ronhill shorts - again for the winter if I am to run indoors... Wiggle do have good sales every so often, worth cheking

  • Not sure if you meant to send a picture Pigivi but I didn't get it! Thanks for the tip on Wiggle.

  • SOrry, meant to write them (meaning nike filaments) not these !

  • I love Ron Hill capris. They are long enough in the body part not to show acres of belly when I 'm doing yoga as well as comfy when running. They have some funky pattern/colour ones at the moment too (mine are purple/lime). I bought them online from Run 4 it in their current sale (£10 reduction).

  • Oh it would be nice to get a different colour than black. Might have to check them out. Thanks!

  • If you're quick you may be able to snap these up at Sweatshop. I paid the same price in the Ron 4 It sale, but their website doesn't have them now:

  • I'm tempted by the full-length tights (in black/yellow) for cycling for the days between my capris and before winter cycling tights

  • Just ordered these! They look fab. Only problem is they won't go with my tops. Oh dear!

    Thank you. Will let you know how I find them!

  • Both of my official running tights are too uncomfortable to wear so now I just run in leggings (and other clothes)!

  • Whatever is comfortable is key isn't it? I run in ordinary long leggings in the winter and they are so comfy. But I can't find a decent fit for capris!

  • I always buy ronhill capris. They fit great and are really comfortable. No adjustments ever needed whilst running. Highly recommend.

  • Sounds a good recommendation. Will check them out. Many thanks.

  • Running stuff is susceptible to fashion too and there's been a lot of low rise about.

    I mainly run in Sainsbury's cotton leggings.

    I also wonder whether different underwear would help?

  • Tell me about it! It's been hard for me to get any type of jeans, etc too because they have been so low rise! Just waiting for the fashion to change which it always does!

    Thanks for the tip about Sainsburys. Re underwear, er, (whispers) I don't wear any! Yet something else to tug with!

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