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Technophobe using Apps, podcasts and iPhones.

Hello folks!

I'm a bit useless when using my iPhone and making the most out of it. So I was wondering if there is a way I can listen to the podcasts and also use an app to track my routes/times etc. If it's possible to do both which app would you recommend to record where I'm going and how slow...oops, I mean fast! Hee hee!! Xx

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It is possible to listen to the podcast on a mobile and use an app to track your progress.

There are a few such as Map My Run and you're probably best to search the apps store and try one or two out.


2nd vote for map my run.

I doubt any of the mobile phone apps can do treadmill natively. Garmin phones use a "footpod" for this - a gadget which goes on your shoes, maybe one of the many other apps can but I haven't heard of one.


YES! I use a free app called ENDOMONDO. You can leave it clonking away in the background as you listen to your music. It clocks your speed, distance, calories burned and lap time etc. and if you want, you can have it announce your progress in your headphones, which it does by fading the music down slightly, so you can hear ENDOMONDO. I've used it successfully for 9 months without a hitch!


Hi, I'm doing c25k on a treadmill at the moment- does endomondo record anything on treadmill runs? Thanks.


I start map my run with no music, then start the podcast. Only have the odd occasion where they talk over each other


I use the free version of MapMyRun and it works fine, over the top of podcasts & music. Make sure whatever app you use, go to 'settings' then 'general' then 'background app refresh' and toggle it 'on' for that app, otherwise it won't keep track of you, once you exit the app. I made this mistake, the first three times I used it!


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