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Multiple marathon running sister trying to encourage me to do a half marathon in September! Moi?

My wonderful inspirational "big" sister ,who didn't start running herself till she was 47 and who has done 7 marathons (including the Snowdon in a force 8 gale last October!) asked me yesterday if I would join her in doing the Dingle half marathon in early Sept!

I looked it up when I got home, and it certainly is a fabulous place to do a half marathon IF you were thinking of doing one. Which I am not!

She was looking for a half marathon to enter as part of her build up to doing Snowdon again so the timing of the Dingle half marathon was good for her. If I wasnt already going to Croatia on a walking holiday the week after, I would definitely agree to go, but ONLY to cheer her on and for the "craic"! I have cheered her on at 3 London marathons and the Dublin marathon and thoroughly enjoyed basking in her reflected glory ,never for a minute thinking I would EVER consider running myself! How times change.

Bearing in mind I hadn't willingly run for 35 years till I started C25K last November I think doing a 10k this year will be stretching enough for me.

Maybe next year . . . .. !

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Hahahaha!!! I started C25K in January aged 55, having never run seriously before, and have signed up for the Ealing Half Marathon in September...... the gauntlet is lying there on the ground in front of you, Deryn!!


That's fab! I really must get over myself and sign up as well. I didn't know there was one in Ealing. Ealing isn't known for its hills either is it?

I had my eye on Maidenhead as it is flat and the scenery is nice apparently but Ealing is just as close. Do you have the details for it?


Here you go: Still seems to have places left.

Funnily enough, I have found plenty of hills in Ealing since starting running (I even live on one!). If you look at the route, Castlebar Hill (there's a clue) and Corfton Road are run in the wrong direction (ie uphill). The Avenue is also a long, steady if gentle climb. I plan to practise!!! (indeed my local running club do their hill training on Corfton Road every week - can't imagine what the neighbours think.....)


Oh my good lord! I have never been very competitive, so that gauntlet could be lying on the ground for some time juicydee! Then again . . I was never a runner either! Fancy doing the very first Ealing marathon! That sounds great! Will let my sis know about it! Logistically easier and cheaper than Dingle (if not quite as pretty!).


Great! See the details I've posted above in reply to Greg.......


Wow, you're sister sounds like one strong women.

I think asking you to join her is really nice, would be a great bonding experience for you both.


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