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W4R1 thoughts

Hi All, I'm moving to week 4 2moz. The thought of running 5 mins is daunting. The one thing I struggle with is waiting for Laura to say the 3 or 5 min run is over. I wanted to you guys what you think about when running. Sometimes the time goes quick but others it goes on an age dependeant what I'm thinking about. Can't stop think about ending the run which is not hood.


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Yeah i use to think when is this going to end but i then i use to say get to that post, then run to that tree and found passed the time. Also i make lists of things i need to do and that helps anything really but sometimes you just have to go through a run knowing that it will end and really its only x amount of minutes not an eternity as you might feel.


Do you know, I don't think I think about anything at all. That is the best thing about running for me, as I have one of those dreadful brains I just can't switch off and running gives me 30 mins of brainrest. Sadly, that doesn't help you much!


First of all, you've done really well to get to this stage so whatever you've been doing or thinking obviously works!

I was exactly the same - couldn't wait for the run to be over but then once it was over I wanted to do it again! What's that about?

Running is as much mental as physical so it's good to try to find something you can zone into. Some people have a mantra (JuicyJu), others think of something uplifting or positive. Or listen to motivational music. What works for me is the feeling of power I have when running. I love what my body (and head) can do and I consciously think about that when running.

I feel invincible!

All the best.


I felt the same as you a week ago, but I was pleased to complete week 4 yesterday. I took the advice of many others and slowed my pace and found a route without inclines. I did try to focus on my breathing and tried to sing happy birthday to prove I could still speak! I also tried to enjoy the countryside and I counted my steps in 1-2-3-4 fashion which also helped my pace.

Perhaps you felt moving from 1 minute to 3 would be daunting, but you did it in week3 ... So well done!

Every week of this plan brings more challenges and can't say I'm not feeling a bit apprehensive about my week 5. But there is no rush and any week can be repeated to help build up stamina.

I'm also starting to feel that the psychological barrier is as tough as the physical one!

All the best, I'm sure you will be ok. :-)


Sounds perfectly normal to me! When it is going well I have time to think about lovely trees, ridiculous looking dogs, the book I am reading, how amazing it is that I am actually running when I couldn't have run to the end of my street a few weeks ago, how my legs are more shapely than they have ever been since I was an adult etc etc but mostly I think about how ridiculous I look, how on earth can Laura sound so chirpy, how her timekeeping is most definitely 'off', how my legs feel like lead and I am really going to have to stop oh please please let it be time to stop blah blah blah. Presumably as we get stronger and fitter more positive feelings will predominate. Still despite all the less positive thoughts, I am really looking forward to my runs and enjoy the fact that I am now a runner (just don't always actively enjoy them at the time!)

Keep going! You are doing an amazing thing and you are already so much stronger than you were even a couple of weeks ago. Every step up in the programme is daunting but by the end of every set of runs you will have moved on and be ready to face the next challenge!

Good luck :-)


The best thing I have found is changing from listening to music to listening to podcasts instead. The concentration needed to follow what's being said takes away from bodily discomfort !!


Don't let those bad thought gremlins in your head get to you.. You have done so very well. Those gremlins are persistent - just don't give in to them, you can do this, you can do this , you CAN do this - good luck!! X


I found that concentrating on a gate or tree up ahead and just thinking of getting to that helped, I didn't think of the time still to go just getting to my next 'target', just little steps along the way. The time went quicker for me that way.


Brilliant replies thank you. W5R1 2moz bring it on rahhhh


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